Friday, October 22, 2004

Sappe caught between the Devil and the Fire: To drop or not to drop O’Shea?

So much has been written about Michael O’Shea joining DO lately with good reasons. I believe this was a case of things back firing for Sappe. No wonder Sappe might have thought that he would get tremendous response when he announced that O’Shea has joined his tack newspaper. Or may be this announcement was demanded by his Christian Financers who were irritated when Mr. Gogo announced that MDP do not endorse Christianity. What ever may be the case the readers, even DO die hard fans, saw it as an insult that this guy is playing any part in the DO publication. To add salt to injury was the outrageous articles he started bringing out. This was clearly evident form the comments they were getting in the open forum.

Sappe was left with some serious trouble shooting. He was quick to announce as an editorial notice that O’Shea had concerted to Islam and that his Muslim name is “Abdurrahman Abdulla”. Everyone knows that he converted in name to marry a Maldivian girl. If he has really been inclined towards Islam as he leads us to believe then why did he use his Christian name to introduce himself in DO whose main Clientele is Mulsims in Maldives. For that matter why is he retaining that name at all? For example do we hear anyone calling Yoosuf Islam, Cat Stevens any more?

Sappe’s announcement in the DO that he had converted fooled nobody. We are all aware of his Christian Missionary activities. DO says that O’Shea had specialized in “Maldives, Asian and Middle Eastern history and religion particularly Islam and widely traveled in this region” but what he was actually involved in missionary activities during this time. If he is such a qualified person as we are lead to believe what the hell was he doing in a Hithadhoo Southern secondary School as an English Teacher. According to DO these schools are substandard schools. If you had read the Jousha Project you would know this is exactly how these missionaries infiltrate in to religiously adherent Muslim societies.

This is a widely known fact and it would be futile for Sappe to refute this. He might as well admit that he made a mistake and drop O’Shea like a hot potato. But of course he cannot do this. If he does that how will he support his lavish life style in UK without his Christian financers?
I am glad you appointed him Sappe. This is the final seal on your pack of lies. By appointing him you have lost what ever credibility you managed to garnish even among your supporters. You have been exposed for what you are, selfish and ungrateful. Its time you pack up and call it a day. Take a break man. We need one too….

Thursday, October 21, 2004

House Arrest

Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, Munawar, Ibra and Gasim Ibrahim changed
to house arrest

Be fair, Reveal the truth

If someone is to talk about natural wonders and its unique enchanting sceneries, any Maldivian can brace up to the conversation. But in it we have no absolute advantage over any other country for they too have its own unique natural wonders. So when it comes to trade the unique natural beauty, we have no absolute advantage over the others. But the secret of our success in the tourism sector is purely the integrated effect of the peace and harmony in the country with the natural wonders we have. It’s an effect most of the other
countries lack.

So if anyone is to hinder our development in the tourism sector it is that they have to break the integrity of the Maldivians, by bringing in racial, social and religious problems. If any of these problems are to flame in the country there won’t be any peace any more here or anywhere.

In the past, many has attempted to disrepute our beloved nation and Insha Allah at all times they have failed. Present day we are once again under such an influence. Few Maldivian joined with some Sri Lankan and some British are on the run to disrepute the country. And this got-to-be brotherly Maldivians who are so worried about the country’s success, have they up-to-date done any good deed for the country? Open up there biography, they have never been anything other than a burden to the country. The present day attempt to disrepute the country has given some effect. The UK branch of the Members of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA-UK) was here two days back to review the political situation in the country. Unlike the previous mission by EU members they commended on what we have achieved in this short
period of time. Visiting members also noted that, during their visit, they had met with some members of the Cabinet and the People’s Majlis and a number of senior Government officials, who they said were of a very high caliber and committed to national progress. They also spoke on the importance of the President’s 9th June reform agenda, and noted the President’s commitment to implementing the agenda, in spite of attempts to derail the constitutional
reform process.When such teams from such organizations step their foot on our soil, it automatically sends a warning message to the entire world, but in our case a warning not true. We have no problem of such in the country for teams of such nature to be here. But as they are going to be here we are with them with our fullest cooperation.

It is our word of concern to any such organization, please; the minutest of damage done to the image of this country will bring immense serration to the economy and thereby to its people. So don’t be bias, be fair, reveal the fact N truth to the world…

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Maafushi prison repaired and being used again

The prison in Maafushi island which was vandalized on 20 September have been repaired and is being used again.

Penitentiary Department’s director Ahmed Rashid said that the prison was being used starting from last Thursday.

However, services such as cable TV is still not functioning as damages done were serious.

When the prison was repaired, some changes were brought, including the strengthening of security for public safety.

The repairs were made by the construction ministry.

The prison was vandalized by inmates claiming to mark the first anniversary of the death and torture of inmate Hassan Evan Naseem by security officers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Gogo Latheef admitted in Sri Lanka Apollo Hospital due to heart attack!

Fact Maldives has received confirmed reports that Gogo Latheef had been admitted in Sri Lanka Apollo Hospital due to a

heart attack. He is now admitted in the ICU of the Apollo Hospital of Sri Lanka and is now under treatment. Fact Maldives also received information that he was last seen entering his house at 1900hrs.

According to various information
gathered, the cause for the Heart Attack was due to the difficulty of money problems that Gogo Latheef has been recently facing, the death of Mariyam Najeeb who is a close relative of Gogo Latheef's wife, who died on the this month (17 th October 2004). Fact also received information that Gogo Latheef had been sick from 12 th August due to the arresting of most of his relatives who were involved in the acts of the Black Friday.

Most importantly, Fact Maldives has also received information that the cause of the heart attack was also due to excessive usage of Alcohol and that Gogo Latheef is currently having some kidney problems as well! We will find more about this matter and notify as soon as possible.

Dhivehi Observer is trying to eradicate the peacefulness of the Ramadan!

It is of great joy that we Maldivians welcome the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was sent down, a guidance for mankind, clear proofs for the guidance. In it Allah has a night which is better than a thousand months. Whoever established
prayers on the night of Qadr out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.

In a mont h like this please don't try to eradicate this peacefulness and this religious unity.

PLEASE NO CONFLICTS, NO FIGHTS, NO OTHER RELIGION, AND NO DIRTY POLITICS IN THIS COUNTRY. This country was and still is a beautiful, peace full and relaxing paradise so we must strive to maintain the country as it is rather than going for a conflict. So I request all
the Maldivians very politely to ignore what Dhivehi Observer is writing. The one and only thing they want is, to destroy the religious unity.

We must look for peace, better living standard, better life and a better work environment rather than politics, conflicts etc. We all must learn a lesson from Afghanistan and Iraq . There were
and still some selfish peoples who has requested America and England to get the power for them and now that those countries has destroyed the two countries there has been more angry peoples who are starving for foods and homeless. We, Maldivians must unite to save our nation from the claws of these few people who are trying to destroy our nation .
Lets not let them decide our future.


we Maldivians are wise to their tricks now. We have seen through your façade of lies and we are fed up with you. We will not tolerate you any more. This is the reason why we have laws
regarding the publishing of papers. There should be some responsibility with editors and they should be accountable to what they write and should be able to justify all the crap they produce in the name of freedom and democracy.
We are working for the betterment of Maldives and that We were not biased towards some people while praising others.

We, Maldivians must unite to save our nation from the claws of these people who are trying to destroy our nation . Lets not let them decide our future. PLEASE THINK BEFORE TAKING AN ACTION. Always think about yourself been in the same position.

MDP Propaganda Machine Mohamed Latheef

MDP Propaganda Machine Mohamed Latheef has been admitted in a hospital in Colombo following breathing difficulties.

We wish him a Long Term disease.
-Dhivehi Dharin

One of the casualties of the accident that took place on the 15th of this month in Male�, has passed away last night.


One of the casualties of the accident that took place on the 15th of this month in Male’, has passed away last night. Maldives Police Service says that Abdulla Waheed of North Miladummadulu, Komandoo, Boaganvilla died at the Intensive Care Unit of IGMH around 12.30 a.m.

The cause for his death is believed to be severe brain damage. Maldives Police Service reports that one of the casualties of the serious accident that took place around 4.00 p.m. on 15th of this month, is already evacuated to Sri Lanka due to his critical state and another 4 persons are now released from the hospital after treatment.

Due to the increasing number of such incidents recently in Male’, the Authority has repeatedly appealed the public to be more vigilant on the traffic and says that it has been retaining driving licence of those violating traffic rules. The Authority reports 13 such cases until now.

Latest Photos from Manchester venues & club + pub info:
19 October 2004

Alex Wood

At 4pm on Friday 22nd October 75 volunteers will be
released from the cells of the Manchester police museum in an attempt to get as far away

from Manchester as possible!

It isn’t a gang of escaped convicts, but an event
organised by the charity ‘Kidscan’ in order to raise
money for their worthwhile cause of curing cancer in
children. The rules of the event are simple - get as far away
from Manchester as possible, however there is a catch.
You may not use any of your own money, or your friends’ or family’s money, you can’t use your own transport or your mates’ transport! You have only your own charm and blagging skills to go on. If you are
thinking you’d probably only get as far away as Bolton you’d be wrong; previous volunteers have travelled as far away as Tokyo and the Maldives.

On Saturday October 23rd at 10pm all participants must
contact the charity base in Manchester to let them
know their whereabouts, whoever is furthest away is
the winner!

Although the charity event is light-hearted and a lot
of fun for participants, (If you end up in the Maldives you might not want to come back!) the cause is extremely beneficial. Kidscan aims to: “develop new and improved treatments to cure all children with cancer’.

To some this may seem like an
unrealistic aim, however the charity that works closely with The University of Salford have discovered a new substance that kills the blood vessels inside cancers.

A spokesperson for Kidscan said:“This represents a new and potentially exciting development in the search for better cancer treatments”. The
substance that is used to fight cancers is an extract of a Chinese herb related to common garden mint.
Whereas conventional cancer treatments target the cancer cells themselves, this new substance is designed to destroy blood vessels within the cancer cells.

Kidscan is a small charity and the money raised from this event will be extremely helpful for them. There are still 50 places up for grabs in the ‘jailbreak’ event, if you want to get involved then contact
Manchester Rag office in the union building.

For more information
go to

Maldivian Democratic Party

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) co-founder and spokesperson Mr. Mohamed Latheef has been admitted in a hospital in Colombo following breathing difficulties. He works tirelessly to further the party’s cause and achieving its stated goals.

Monday, October 18, 2004

We Prepare People for them to Serve the Nation

by Shrek 2

Maldives has a 99% literary rate, a position no other country stand. Is it not a position we attained with no-effort. Imagine how much sweat our leadership would have shed to come this long way. Have anyone ever thought about? No wonder, why people are unaware of these things? The issues of most concern are issue such as the provision of basic needs which are in plenty available to all.

Maldives is developing and so there are many foreign agencies which do support us in the run to development. Along with the economic assistance provided, to sustain the development, people are educated both locally and abroad under their loans and free scholarship. Anyone who earns the education through these schemes is obliged to serve the government thereby the country for a period ascertained in accordance to the duration and the type of course done. And this government bond system is laid in accordance to the donors’ wish. It is seen in many developing nations that the educated people flees to the developed nation, a system of we-prepare and they-gain, so called “brain drain “.

Today there are many educated people serving the government and the country. Most of the educated crowd in employed in the government, but does not mean that their hands are not prominent in the private sector. A figure of little more than 80 percent of people with higher educational qualifications, serving in the government, are also playing an active role in the private sector. This guarantees that the educated people are serving the nation and is not applying the we-prepare and they-gain system as people like Dr. Waheed, etc.

In accordance to the qualifications, they should be given the ranking. So the people with doctorates are holding higher positions than that of lower level qualifications. It is simple logic. But the issue of placing them in the right job may have some variations. Our resources are very limited, so mostly people who are qualified in technical areas have rare opportunities to fit into their kind of work. But because of their educational level the chances are high for us to utilize them in a may be not the best, but an equal competent job where he could render a better service for the country.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is this Micheal O’Shea

by Mohamed Shafeeq

We are happy and enjoy the good times we are surpassing here. And all those said-to-be bitter-under-went weirdoes in Michael O’Shea’s report are too enjoying the good times we are enjoying, but hiding the facts.

Michael O’Shea who is some 1000s of km away is having an ache for the systems we are in meanwhile we enjoy it. From his binocular he sees our people being hanged up side down and treated inhumanly in every sphere of life. We are happy here and our jails are not full of canning and torturing as the report state. Why not Mr. Michael O’Shea checks with his binocular and turn it right.

For Michael O’Shea our nation is full of crippled men for they have all undergone torture and brutal canning in custody. The named victims of torture, but for Michael O’Shea the most pious men on earth, Abdulla Alexander, Ahmed Fairish, Hassan Rasheed and Shammi are all in good health. But anyone who has undergone such a torture described in their articles will not be able to stand on his feet. Is it the condition of these young men? They are fresh and doing more damage to the country. Yes, in there accounts there are no one wiser than them and looking through a bino, such that of Michael O’Shea, the view might be so. But a man who feels the country’s soil beneath his feet would know who they are and what wrong they do to our property and to our country.

Michael O’Shea leaves the blame on our President accusing him for giving direct orders and authorizing torture in jails. Does Michael O’Shea know our president and our people? Doesn’t he know we hate violence and it is not in us to ill treat other beings? It’s a proven fact that the environment you grow up influences on your thinking capacity. So in that regard the chances are high for Michael O’Shea to have his thinking in that angle for he grew up in a country where racism, discrimination and brutality to the Aborigines flourished.

Just because your Prime Minister left a fleet to Iraq to support the torturing exist there, do not be in mind that our president will do the same. It is our president who brought us out to the day light from the dark ages, it is he who taught us what life he and it is he who showed us the success we are achieving today. So a for a man so wise and so much love his people the doubt of ill treating never arises.