Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The spirit of the “Victory Day”

Once again the Victory day is upon us. For each of us Victory day brings different
meanings and feelings. But universal among them is the feeling of unity that
binds us together on this day. This unity comes from our appreciation of the
deeper reasons behind the celebration of this day.

I do not wish to go behind all the reasons for celebrating the Victory day. Suffice to day Nov 3 rd is the day when we were rudely awaken form our deep slumber by the gunfire of mercenaries. These mercenaries have been instigated to try and overthrow the Government by a few Maldivians.

Of course we do not celebrate this day for that. Rather we celebrate this day for the courage
the Maldivians showed that day in resisting this attack on our sovereignty.

Today, Victory day holds even more significance because we are yet again at a cross road of such a peril. It is for us to decide whether we should follow the example of our elders that day or we should give in. Ironically this time too a few Maldivians are involved in bringing about the
present scenario. But unlike a direct coup d'etat they have employed a more refined and sophisticated approach.

This involves a step by step attack on our religion, our democracy, our economy and our leadership. Crippling us slowly and softy till we are ripe for their pickings.

But today let us forget all our troubles. Let us try to remember the sacrifices of those who made this day possible. Let us remember the civilians who were killed mercilessly on this day. Let us also remember those who laid down their lives voluntarily so that we may have this day to celebrate.

For what ever the NSS personnel may not be, they certainly weren't cowards that day. They held on to their forts against all odds. Many of them voluntarily left the safety of their shelter and came out to be slashed by enemy bullets. These are true heroes of Modern Maldives. We should remember them with pride.

Now it would be entirely wrong for us to use this day as an excuse attack and slander anyone. I implore the internet magazine DO to respect the spirit of the day and not come out with slander and outrageous allegations. Remember this is the day for unity and it would be wrong on their side to use this as an excuse to disrupt the harmony that exists among us.

For all so called reformers I urge them to have a deep look with in to their souls on this day. And maybe they would be able to differentiate what true reform means and how different it is from dancing to someone's selfish propaganda. And then maybe they would try to bring the changes
they want in the Government with a more civilized approach without violence and bloodshed.

Finally to all Maldivians I say, lets us face this day with
the spirit of tolerance and openness to ideas and change. At the same time not compromising on our values and principles. Lets give a clear message today that we have no patience for those who would disrupt our harmony for their selfish reason. And most of all lets put aside our differences and celebrate this day with the spirit of freedom for that is the only way to celebrate the “Victory Day”


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