Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The pride of a nation depends on its sovereignty, so is ours. Hence in our capacity we work hard to secure it, but we may not be able to expose into all such measures that will assist us making our job easier, for most are not affordable or is out of our reach. But it would be a setback of ours if we do not extend
our hands to those of which are possible for us to attain. We were so ignorant that we took Maldives to be an external threat free nation for a long time. Since the independence from the British in 1965 we really had no much of a threat till late 1980s. Though our past is full of such threats, with the beginning of the new era of civilization, we never
expected for such ambiguities. But we were wrong. The 3 rd November 1988 came to
us in a blitz assuring us that we should lay steps that are important for homeland security.

The 3 rd November 1988 was a time the country was not ready for such a threat. Neither the general public nor the security forces even imagine such a bedlam. The whole nation went blunt not knowing what to really do.

Are we to still standstill and do nothing to prevent such an event happening? If so that would be totally ignorance. This would never achieve us the pride of the nation, sovereignty. For people who are dedicated for independence as ours, so it won't be wise to stay back without taking proper actions to counter any foreign infiltration to our homeland. We need expertise and equipment that can counter the threats of the modern age. We need to spend our tax payer's money wisely to defend them at any cost. Our heroes fought bravely on that day to keep this tiny nation independent. It is time for us to carry the pride to the next generation.


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