Friday, November 26, 2004


by Firasha

MDP mouthpiece Dhivehi Observer has reproduced on its home page a Pakistani newspaper article on the cooperation between Maldives and Pakistan on anti-terrorism activities. What alerts one to the real motives of DO is the fact that such publicity to the good deeds of the government goes totally against the malicious editorial policies of the tabloid. We may never guess the diabolical plots that boil in DO's deviated mind, but this posting could very well be a warning to MDP's sleeper cells in the Maldives waiting for a signal to launch another round of terror coinciding with the elections to the Majlis, which they know they are going to lose, and which they are determined to disrupt. Using terrorism to achieve the unrealistic and ludicrous personal ambitions of its greedy leaders is nothing new for people who run the MDP.

In September 2003 they unleashed a holocaust of arson looting and mayhem to avenge the legal punishments and humiliation they have undergone for earlier crimes. The custodial deaths (admittedly a blot on the nation) they flaunted as an excuse was just that: an excuse.

Otherwise, how could they deface the democratic symbols of our nation such as the Majlis and high court? What had those emblems of our national pride to do with the custodial deaths, however unfortunate those deaths may be? The very birth of MDP is mired in petty personal problems of its members. GoGo Latheef had told a Sri Lankan friend that he wanted to pressurized the government of Maldives to release his daughter Jennifer, who he knew was guilty of terrorism related crimes.

This friend advised him that launching a party was the best way, as it would help to get some respectability to the agitation and avoid deportation. Sappe and Anni who were fugitives from justice at this point of time also thought it a good idea because they could get political asylum. It is a cruel irony of fate that the very MDP that GoGo developed as a bargaining chip to negotiate his daughter's release, has now turned into the proverbial mill stone around his neck, threatening to turn any minute into a hangman's noose around the ambitions of him and his daughter. But we are now deviating; let's get back to the topic.

During the second week of August this year the people of Male were terrified witnesses to some of the most frightening scenes ever in living memory. Bearded vandals shouting anti-democracy slogans and parading on the streets of Male, culminating in a stand-off with the police and unprecedented violence. The people of Male were mortally scared that they faced the end of centuries of carefully nurtured peace, and the beginning of an era of terrorism in the fashion of the frontier areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The people's fears were not unfounded. There is incontrovertible evidence that Fareed, the MDP mascot, and his cohorts had links with terrorist leaders in Indonesia, plotting to choose soft target targets like Maldivian resorts for their unholy acts of violence. Fareed, who claims to be a Sheikh, is actually a mercenary on sale to the highest bidder.

His classmates in Qatar derisivley recall how he attended western music classes, where he underwent voice training -the secret of his oratorial ability.

In the evenings he enjoyed porn films in his dormitory with a smuggled VCR he kept in his locker. After returning to Male, for a time he went around copying Shahrukh Khan to attract girls. But soon he met the agents of foreign terrorist groups in the Maldives, and this transformed his life for ever. In a makeover that would even impress his matinee idol Shahrukh, playboy Fareed became Sheikh Fareed overnight -only the beard took a couple of months of to grow.

Considering what we know of the activities of MDP related terrorist groups, we cannot discount the possibility that they may have already imported gadgets for their nefarious activities. This can be the reason why MDP is so agitated about the cooperation between Maldives and Pakistan in counter terrorism.

They know that Pakistan has the know-how to detect and counter their terrorism and if they transfer this know-how to Maldives, then MDP is finished for ever.


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