Sunday, November 07, 2004


The Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) by its actions seems as if its inception is for the protection of the prisoners' rights. While some 200 islands are populated in the Maldives , have they even once visited any of these islands, while they have been to some three to four times to the Dhoonidhooo and Maafushi jails and produced reports regarding prisoners' welfare? A question raised by one of its readers in a leading newspaper asks about the HRCM role �whether the Commission is protecting the rights of the prisoners or the general public�. The answer from the chairmanship is ridiculous and is of utter shame from a person of such caliber �question it from the HRCM, face to face�

Heard of a commission recently formed to scrutinize the acts of the people involved in the 12-13 August illegal crowd dispersal, something which no country has ever done and should not even happen. Things of such nature seek security and enhance encouragement to commit more crimes. The increasing number of robberies and drug dealings is undoubtedly the result of such bogus Commissions. Their acts, which protects the criminals, creates the hallucination that the police is not carrying out its duties.

Open violence was nonexistent here. But today nabbing, knife stabbing, drug dealings, gang fights are all common. In the past people will stand against such atrocities and stop such things from happening and do even report to the appropriate agencies. But now the trend is, even if the whole houses is robbed upside down nothing is done, for it is the house owner who will be pronounced guilty by the HRCM even if a scratch is made on the robber.

It is same issue that is going on with the agencies involved in the 12-13 August illegal crowd dispersal. As the gathering was illegal government plead several times to leave the c"


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