Saturday, November 27, 2004

MDP attempts to “choke” us to death by cutting down our “air-supply”


Maldives is a nation well known for many people around the world as a destination for holidays. It is the one of a kind country which has the privilege of being an independent, prospering nation which has religious unity.

It has been well known to everyone, that Maldives has always been a peaceful country through out
history. But it is really sad to say that, there is a group of people working to destroy the peace and harmony of our nation. The main reasons to why tourists visit Maldives is not only because of its beauty, but also because of the friendliness of the Maldivian people towards them and because of the peacefulness of the Maldivian nation as a whole.

The Maldives has been progressing very rapidly in many fields, and it has become the fastest growing country in South-Asia. All thanks to our present government, we have managed to achieve a very high GDP and a very high standard of living. More and more schools had been built. More and more health facilities and better means of transportation has been produced. In short, there has been a rapid increase in the standard of living of the Maldives .

To get back to the main story! Maldives has always been a peace loving country. But because of the actions of a few people, the whole burden is falling on all of us. These few people, who are well known as Members of the Maldivian Democratic Party, who's hearts have been filled with the lust for Power and Money. These people are in desperate greed for it and we can see that they are willing to do any thing to gain Power and Money, even if it does cost all the Maldivians to loose their incomes, and suffer. Yes!... it is true that the MDP's next attempt is to shut down our air-supply, which would be our Tourism. Why on earth do they do it? It is real simple! They have been trying to deviate people that our government is not leading us to a better future! But, no body (except idiots) believed their fake stories. Because, they can see it with their very eyes that it is not so. The Maldives is developing more rapidly than no other country. Not through out South-Asia. And we can all see the progress that we have been making in the recent years. All that had been real fact for the Maldivians to understand. Which me
ans that MDP's plans have all been wasted.

Which is why, they have now decided to destroy our Tourism. They know it well that it will have adverse effects on the economy. But they never care, because they want power. No one who is in great faith to our nation would do such a horrible thing. No one except the MDP. They want to cut down our economy and blame it to our government, like they have always been trying to, but never succeeded.

They tried convincing Europeans into not going to Maldives for Holidays. They even tried to spread rumors through out the whole world. They tried spreading lies about our own nation through BBC. They tried creating Violence and Kayos in our own Home Land ! But still they never succeeded.

We call all the Maldivians, to awake and be more aware of the Dark Plans these MDP people are planning. We have faced with even a bigger threat which is the plans undertaken by the MDP people to destroy our tourism. But, they shall never succeed Insha Allah. Not if we held hands together and work together to nail these people, like we have always been.


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