Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Maldivian


by Shrek
The constitution of Maldives yet does not have any room for any opposition party. MDP may call itself as the Maldivian opposition party, but refer to line one. The constitution is under amendment and hopefully provisions for opposition parties will be made. Lets be patient for sometime till our constitution permits it.

Our lives are calm and we love peace. We teach our children to respect humanity and give assistance to the poor and weak. Such is our beliefs and norms. But MDP and its website have come as a curse attacking our devotions. The base of their website is to disharmonize our peaceful lives with filthy language and misleading information which carries no weight. The efforts we laid for many centuries to improve our children's devotion in humanity is being diluted by agencies like MDP. Since MDP's inception, more than any good, what it has accumulated is a disheartened Maldivian population.

If this is the attitude of a group of Maldivians residing abroad, no negotiations ever should be made with them. Instead they should be branded terrorists and begin their hunt. How are the Indians trying to hunt the terrorists in Kashmir, the Sri Lankans its Tamil rebels, the interim Iraqi government its terrorists based in Fallujah, for no people, no government, could ever take such mucks as their people and no country could stand to let loose such hooligans.

MDP has terrorized our lives by spreading misleading information, associating with agencies working against Maldives , making efforts to stab our economic development and by making efforts to craft violence in the country. Can they be named anything, but terrorists? Is a terrorist better loose or behind bars? The government has been too lenient on these people. We the citizens of this beloved nation, deman"


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