Monday, November 22, 2004

The Maldivian


by Shiyam

It is always good to fight for a good cause, but to spend time and money on bogus desires is foolishness. It is always good to have an opposition for more idea generation and to implement control measures. Calling yourself as opposition neither generated ideas nor implemented control measures, but laid a gloomy atmosphere for our development, is what MDP has propagated.

Maldivians have come to know what MDP is up to, not for a better Maldives , but power. After all MDP and its website DO is not getting any support for what they are proliferating. Instead of running after a pointless cause why not do something constructive to the nation?

MDP should now be sure of what Maldivians think of them, for we have never given a concern for all the illegal activities they are calling for. Next is to understand what the Brits think about them. Brits are nobody's friend. Though they run on the same line with the Americans on the international politics they hate Americans too. Look at most of the countries they colonized, internal conflicts are their prime issue. Such is the style of Brits, do MDP expect more?

“A Christian can never be a good friend of a Muslim” Koran is evident to this. So why you the earth beings are trying to prove it wrong when it will never be. Still time is young, MDP give-up your bonus desires and come home to invest your knowledge for the development of the country.


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