Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Maldivian Mandate: Its time for Sappe and Crowd to back down

Ever since its conception the DO has operated on the assumption that Maldivians are innocent gullible people who could be molded like putty in their hand. They have fed us lies after lies to fool us. Similar to a medicine tablet whose bitter inside is covered by a colorful sweet coating their articles are outrageous lies laced with just enough truth to make it palatable to the average Maldivian.

Perhaps we Maldivian are really naïve because DO has never bothered to make this fact a secret and still a few of us got fooled by their propaganda. Their philosophy is very well outlined in their website which says in bold letters “ Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit atrocities ”.

The last few months they have been testing out this philosophy. Sure enough they managed to draw out a significant crowd in August although most of them were onlookers. Encouraged by this they moved into deeper territory. But fortunately for Maldivians they were left with egg on their face. The DO's repeated call for demonstration in the Tripod Square fell on deaf ears. Mr. GoGo Latheef's call for a Tourism boycott was not heeded by the international community.

Failing this, they tried to organize a demonstration in London through Friends of Maldives for which less then a dozen Maldives attended. Their plan to disrupt the Eid celebrations in Colombo was received with no better success.

The Maldivian community world wide has spoken. They have given their decision in very clear terms. They have not left anything for doubt. The Maldivians are all united behind their Government. We are not going to let these dissidents disturb the harmony and peace that exist within us. The message is very clear. It is time for Sappe and crowd to fold their game and back down.


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