Friday, November 19, 2004

The Lies Wear Thin! MDP will never win an election!

We have always said that MDP were always opposed to democracy. Why do we say that? The reasons are many, but the following stand out.
1) The fundamental reason is that MDP is owned, funded and directed primarily by the mass murderer Sikka, who was convicted on 25 counts of murder all carried out in a single day, on 3rd November 1988.

2) The other major reason is that their leadership comprise filthy rich people who want to make sure that their ill-gotten wealth is not lost-eg: Gasim's resorts which are creaking under his huge debt burden; and the notorious case of Villingili.

2) The most presentable face these guys have is Gogo Latheef, because he had won a seat in a small constituency that his resort money bought up in 1989. But in 1990, he lost his seat after conviction for ordering a hit on a fellow MP, Mr Ibrahim Shareef, and for advocating torture on Ameel Jaleel, Abdul Sattar Ali and Abdul Wahid.

Writing under the pseudonym "Uthuru Thari", Gogo called for violent acts of torture to be performed on these people who were arrested by President Gayyoom under the suspicion of embezzling public funds.

The two people who carried out the hit on Ibrahhim Shareef, MP were paid by Gogo Latheef out of funds he earned out of Rannali Resort. They attacked Shareef as he was walking home from the Mosque, breaking two ribs. The men arrested for this bloody deed were Makun Falah and Ilyas Husain Ibrahim.

3) Sappe has now said that even if elections were monitored by the EU, MDP will reject elections. Lets face it. MDP will never get to office through the ballot box. That's why the bullet is so close to them.

4) Sappe keeps posting fabricated pictures of a peaceful rally on 13th August. In truth, he has admitted to sending Fareed and his band of terrorists into the Maidan. So what are people like Zaki, Munavvar, Qasim and Ibra doing in the company of fundamentalists terrorists outside the police headquarters? Surely, these are not the acts of people who are likely to win a general elect ion.

5) Without rigging and intimidation and false voting, MDP goons will never win an election. MDP have compiled lists of dead people. people living abroad, and bedridden and elderly, just so that they can fake those votes.

6) Sappe had given some names. Like him, all arc being paid by Qasim or are his employees.

7) When Sappe cries that there is no campaigning he has forgetten what his paymaster ADK Nashid has been doing all these months giving free medicare only to those from Dhaal Constituency; that Mohamed Shihab provides free postage to his supporters, that Gasim has bought of 7 seats with II filthy sums of money.

So if we are hearing Sappe right, MDP is admitting that previous elections were rigged. It is just that they will not win no matter who ho monitors elections. We just saw the extent of public support for MDP-some 20() drugs offenders, some 12 MPs who are so corrupt that they had bought their seats, and 7 persons in the UK and none in Colombo.


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