Sunday, November 28, 2004

DO's Editor-in-chief, Sappe is going NUTS!

Moosa Ibrahim
Sappe are you going NUTS? Please read YOUR article on Dhivehi Observer “Gayoom lies to the people and goes shopping in Amman” and you will find out that Mr Gayoom in fact on an official trip to Amman. Boy oh boy! DO's Editor-in-chief is cracking big time.

“According to Petra, the official Jordanian News Agency, Ma'moun Abdul Qayyoum arrived Friday afternoon in Amman in a few-day OFFICIAL VISIT in which he will meet with His Majesty King Abdullah II. It also said President Abdul Qayyoum is expected to take part in an Islamic conference which is organized by Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs” [source: DO, 27 Nov 2004] Do you know what you are writing?

Sappe, you thick head! It is not necessary that the King or the Crown Prince to be at the airport to receive President Gayoom. When Tony Blair visited Jordan earlier this year, King Abdullah was not at the Airport to receive him. Why? If a King or a Queen visits Jordan he may be there to receive them. Got this into your thick rotten head?

You have mentioned that most political strategist and thinkers in Maldives believe that President Gayoom is trying to buy some cheap arms from Jordan as well a shopping for a holiday palace there. Please can you tell me who these people are? If you back an argument it must be from a credible source. Sappe, don't make things up. It will be better if you write the facts rather than just writing loads of shit. You dumb idiot write articles which make sense.

So you have alerted all news agencies in Jordan and Al Jazeera about Gayoom's propaganda. You think the readers will be convinced? Bullshit! Inside information from DO states that you just made this up and you have done nothing to contact the news agencies you mentioned.
The best part is that none of the news agencies you mentioned have received information from you. Dude don't try to be smart when you don't have the capacity. Your "mojo" is too small for these tasks!

Mariyam Mohamed is currently in Jordan following the trail. Who is this Mariyam Mohamed? Again inside information from DO reveals that Mariyam Mohamed is in fact Sappe, the Editor-in-Chief. This is the Joke of the Millennium. Sappe uses alias “Mariyam Mohamed” and other names to portray that he got people working for him. The true fact is Sappe is loosing hope because no one is contributing much to DO. Sappe might soon end up in a Mental Hospital in Britian at the expense of British tax payers. Soon, Sappe will be a Crack Head.



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At November 17, 2009 at 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sappe already is a crack head.


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