Friday, November 05, 2004


With reference to the article:
“ Eyewitness account of 1988 coup attempt and aftermath plus related correspondence”
It seems that DO is trying to fool the readers by writing false articles about the 1998 coup attempt. In my observation the rational behind this false article in saying that people were ill treated in Police custody during 1998 and mentioning that those were Singhalese is just for the simple reason that the DO wants to gain the sympathies of Sri Lankan Sinhalese by this and make Sri Lanka as a safe heaven for their dirty activities.

The author of the article tries to show that he is the hero of the day by writing that he was near the NSS Headquarters most of the time and he unloaded a weapon of a dead mercenary while the fighting was going on, and he was the chief negotiator with the Indian Government on behalf of Maldives . But he did not understand that its just 15 years for the incident and we still remember each and everything happen that day as it happened a while ago.

It seems that the author of this article all alone fought against the mercenaries for the Maldives , all the others were just sleeping. But the fact is that this particular article is written by the people who pissed to their pants on this very same day, but now blowing their own trumpet.

You can also see the true identity of the DO in what they have written about the Heroes who did the supreme sacrifice of life, for this country and for our religion. These articles simply reflects that the true identity of DO


At June 8, 2005 at 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate that many of our brothers had to sacrifice their life but it should be acknowledged that some died while deserting their oth.


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