Monday, November 15, 2004


The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) made a big lie after all. A party founded on the pledge to bring better days to the Maldivian people vowed to bring woeful days to the country just a few days ago. When it pronounced that it will boycott Maldives what does it mean?

We are enjoying good times and hope for more in the future. From the very beginning we had a hunch for what MDP is exaggerating on. MDP declared that it’s fighting for peace in the country, but the following facts prove that their intension is not the same as what they say.1. Asking the Maldivians to protest against the elected government and they remained abroad some 1000km away.2. Organized rallies and such other illegal activities in the country.3. Their websites are is full of rumours.4. Most of the members of MDP are black listed Maldivians for major crimes (nothing related to politics).5. Some of their members’ loved ones were those perpetrators who made our ancestors face many problems. (eg: case of Swadeep Islands)6. By persuading some members of the European Union tried to apply trade sanctions on Maldives.7. Made possible for certain international bodies to visit the country on void causes.

These are only a few to mention, but any of these acts carry collateral damages to the country. Imagine what fate any of these acts will bring to the country? Visualize what will happen to our fragile economy? Envisage what will happen to the ordinary citizens of the country? Nothing, but the doom of a nation.

This is what the so called brothers of the nation are committing and finally they have fully come out of their ghettoes revealing their very truth. They have called for boycotting Maldives and are aimed to spread whatever rumours they could to prevent tourists coming to Maldives. After all who is going to suffer from this? The very people for whom MDP is said to be fighting for.

Isn’t MDP aware that Maldives is quiet dependant on tourism and any dreadful blow on tourism will affect the country badly? It will cut down our national revenues by almost half, it will lift the unemployment rate, all public services will be affected and so many other problems. Finally for what some few Maldivians residing in abroad is doing, the whole innocent Maldivian public is to pay the price and those members of the MDP will remain in sofas watching the TV to see how Maldives is starving to death and be euphoric over their success.

Maldives remains steadfast in its sovereignty and have learnt to challenge such culprits. It is our vow to them now, “we will not let the image we took so much time, effort and money to build be destroyed, specially by a freak organization like MDP.


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