Sunday, November 28, 2004

DO's Editor-in-chief, Sappe is going NUTS!

Moosa Ibrahim
Sappe are you going NUTS? Please read YOUR article on Dhivehi Observer “Gayoom lies to the people and goes shopping in Amman” and you will find out that Mr Gayoom in fact on an official trip to Amman. Boy oh boy! DO's Editor-in-chief is cracking big time.

“According to Petra, the official Jordanian News Agency, Ma'moun Abdul Qayyoum arrived Friday afternoon in Amman in a few-day OFFICIAL VISIT in which he will meet with His Majesty King Abdullah II. It also said President Abdul Qayyoum is expected to take part in an Islamic conference which is organized by Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs” [source: DO, 27 Nov 2004] Do you know what you are writing?

Sappe, you thick head! It is not necessary that the King or the Crown Prince to be at the airport to receive President Gayoom. When Tony Blair visited Jordan earlier this year, King Abdullah was not at the Airport to receive him. Why? If a King or a Queen visits Jordan he may be there to receive them. Got this into your thick rotten head?

You have mentioned that most political strategist and thinkers in Maldives believe that President Gayoom is trying to buy some cheap arms from Jordan as well a shopping for a holiday palace there. Please can you tell me who these people are? If you back an argument it must be from a credible source. Sappe, don't make things up. It will be better if you write the facts rather than just writing loads of shit. You dumb idiot write articles which make sense.

So you have alerted all news agencies in Jordan and Al Jazeera about Gayoom's propaganda. You think the readers will be convinced? Bullshit! Inside information from DO states that you just made this up and you have done nothing to contact the news agencies you mentioned.
The best part is that none of the news agencies you mentioned have received information from you. Dude don't try to be smart when you don't have the capacity. Your "mojo" is too small for these tasks!

Mariyam Mohamed is currently in Jordan following the trail. Who is this Mariyam Mohamed? Again inside information from DO reveals that Mariyam Mohamed is in fact Sappe, the Editor-in-Chief. This is the Joke of the Millennium. Sappe uses alias “Mariyam Mohamed” and other names to portray that he got people working for him. The true fact is Sappe is loosing hope because no one is contributing much to DO. Sappe might soon end up in a Mental Hospital in Britian at the expense of British tax payers. Soon, Sappe will be a Crack Head.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

MDP attempts to “choke” us to death by cutting down our “air-supply”


Maldives is a nation well known for many people around the world as a destination for holidays. It is the one of a kind country which has the privilege of being an independent, prospering nation which has religious unity.

It has been well known to everyone, that Maldives has always been a peaceful country through out
history. But it is really sad to say that, there is a group of people working to destroy the peace and harmony of our nation. The main reasons to why tourists visit Maldives is not only because of its beauty, but also because of the friendliness of the Maldivian people towards them and because of the peacefulness of the Maldivian nation as a whole.

The Maldives has been progressing very rapidly in many fields, and it has become the fastest growing country in South-Asia. All thanks to our present government, we have managed to achieve a very high GDP and a very high standard of living. More and more schools had been built. More and more health facilities and better means of transportation has been produced. In short, there has been a rapid increase in the standard of living of the Maldives .

To get back to the main story! Maldives has always been a peace loving country. But because of the actions of a few people, the whole burden is falling on all of us. These few people, who are well known as Members of the Maldivian Democratic Party, who's hearts have been filled with the lust for Power and Money. These people are in desperate greed for it and we can see that they are willing to do any thing to gain Power and Money, even if it does cost all the Maldivians to loose their incomes, and suffer. Yes!... it is true that the MDP's next attempt is to shut down our air-supply, which would be our Tourism. Why on earth do they do it? It is real simple! They have been trying to deviate people that our government is not leading us to a better future! But, no body (except idiots) believed their fake stories. Because, they can see it with their very eyes that it is not so. The Maldives is developing more rapidly than no other country. Not through out South-Asia. And we can all see the progress that we have been making in the recent years. All that had been real fact for the Maldivians to understand. Which me
ans that MDP's plans have all been wasted.

Which is why, they have now decided to destroy our Tourism. They know it well that it will have adverse effects on the economy. But they never care, because they want power. No one who is in great faith to our nation would do such a horrible thing. No one except the MDP. They want to cut down our economy and blame it to our government, like they have always been trying to, but never succeeded.

They tried convincing Europeans into not going to Maldives for Holidays. They even tried to spread rumors through out the whole world. They tried spreading lies about our own nation through BBC. They tried creating Violence and Kayos in our own Home Land ! But still they never succeeded.

We call all the Maldivians, to awake and be more aware of the Dark Plans these MDP people are planning. We have faced with even a bigger threat which is the plans undertaken by the MDP people to destroy our tourism. But, they shall never succeed Insha Allah. Not if we held hands together and work together to nail these people, like we have always been.

Friday, November 26, 2004


by Firasha

MDP mouthpiece Dhivehi Observer has reproduced on its home page a Pakistani newspaper article on the cooperation between Maldives and Pakistan on anti-terrorism activities. What alerts one to the real motives of DO is the fact that such publicity to the good deeds of the government goes totally against the malicious editorial policies of the tabloid. We may never guess the diabolical plots that boil in DO's deviated mind, but this posting could very well be a warning to MDP's sleeper cells in the Maldives waiting for a signal to launch another round of terror coinciding with the elections to the Majlis, which they know they are going to lose, and which they are determined to disrupt. Using terrorism to achieve the unrealistic and ludicrous personal ambitions of its greedy leaders is nothing new for people who run the MDP.

In September 2003 they unleashed a holocaust of arson looting and mayhem to avenge the legal punishments and humiliation they have undergone for earlier crimes. The custodial deaths (admittedly a blot on the nation) they flaunted as an excuse was just that: an excuse.

Otherwise, how could they deface the democratic symbols of our nation such as the Majlis and high court? What had those emblems of our national pride to do with the custodial deaths, however unfortunate those deaths may be? The very birth of MDP is mired in petty personal problems of its members. GoGo Latheef had told a Sri Lankan friend that he wanted to pressurized the government of Maldives to release his daughter Jennifer, who he knew was guilty of terrorism related crimes.

This friend advised him that launching a party was the best way, as it would help to get some respectability to the agitation and avoid deportation. Sappe and Anni who were fugitives from justice at this point of time also thought it a good idea because they could get political asylum. It is a cruel irony of fate that the very MDP that GoGo developed as a bargaining chip to negotiate his daughter's release, has now turned into the proverbial mill stone around his neck, threatening to turn any minute into a hangman's noose around the ambitions of him and his daughter. But we are now deviating; let's get back to the topic.

During the second week of August this year the people of Male were terrified witnesses to some of the most frightening scenes ever in living memory. Bearded vandals shouting anti-democracy slogans and parading on the streets of Male, culminating in a stand-off with the police and unprecedented violence. The people of Male were mortally scared that they faced the end of centuries of carefully nurtured peace, and the beginning of an era of terrorism in the fashion of the frontier areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The people's fears were not unfounded. There is incontrovertible evidence that Fareed, the MDP mascot, and his cohorts had links with terrorist leaders in Indonesia, plotting to choose soft target targets like Maldivian resorts for their unholy acts of violence. Fareed, who claims to be a Sheikh, is actually a mercenary on sale to the highest bidder.

His classmates in Qatar derisivley recall how he attended western music classes, where he underwent voice training -the secret of his oratorial ability.

In the evenings he enjoyed porn films in his dormitory with a smuggled VCR he kept in his locker. After returning to Male, for a time he went around copying Shahrukh Khan to attract girls. But soon he met the agents of foreign terrorist groups in the Maldives, and this transformed his life for ever. In a makeover that would even impress his matinee idol Shahrukh, playboy Fareed became Sheikh Fareed overnight -only the beard took a couple of months of to grow.

Considering what we know of the activities of MDP related terrorist groups, we cannot discount the possibility that they may have already imported gadgets for their nefarious activities. This can be the reason why MDP is so agitated about the cooperation between Maldives and Pakistan in counter terrorism.

They know that Pakistan has the know-how to detect and counter their terrorism and if they transfer this know-how to Maldives, then MDP is finished for ever.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Maldivian


by Shrek
The constitution of Maldives yet does not have any room for any opposition party. MDP may call itself as the Maldivian opposition party, but refer to line one. The constitution is under amendment and hopefully provisions for opposition parties will be made. Lets be patient for sometime till our constitution permits it.

Our lives are calm and we love peace. We teach our children to respect humanity and give assistance to the poor and weak. Such is our beliefs and norms. But MDP and its website have come as a curse attacking our devotions. The base of their website is to disharmonize our peaceful lives with filthy language and misleading information which carries no weight. The efforts we laid for many centuries to improve our children's devotion in humanity is being diluted by agencies like MDP. Since MDP's inception, more than any good, what it has accumulated is a disheartened Maldivian population.

If this is the attitude of a group of Maldivians residing abroad, no negotiations ever should be made with them. Instead they should be branded terrorists and begin their hunt. How are the Indians trying to hunt the terrorists in Kashmir, the Sri Lankans its Tamil rebels, the interim Iraqi government its terrorists based in Fallujah, for no people, no government, could ever take such mucks as their people and no country could stand to let loose such hooligans.

MDP has terrorized our lives by spreading misleading information, associating with agencies working against Maldives , making efforts to stab our economic development and by making efforts to craft violence in the country. Can they be named anything, but terrorists? Is a terrorist better loose or behind bars? The government has been too lenient on these people. We the citizens of this beloved nation, deman"

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Maldivian


by Shiyam

It is always good to fight for a good cause, but to spend time and money on bogus desires is foolishness. It is always good to have an opposition for more idea generation and to implement control measures. Calling yourself as opposition neither generated ideas nor implemented control measures, but laid a gloomy atmosphere for our development, is what MDP has propagated.

Maldivians have come to know what MDP is up to, not for a better Maldives , but power. After all MDP and its website DO is not getting any support for what they are proliferating. Instead of running after a pointless cause why not do something constructive to the nation?

MDP should now be sure of what Maldivians think of them, for we have never given a concern for all the illegal activities they are calling for. Next is to understand what the Brits think about them. Brits are nobody's friend. Though they run on the same line with the Americans on the international politics they hate Americans too. Look at most of the countries they colonized, internal conflicts are their prime issue. Such is the style of Brits, do MDP expect more?

“A Christian can never be a good friend of a Muslim” Koran is evident to this. So why you the earth beings are trying to prove it wrong when it will never be. Still time is young, MDP give-up your bonus desires and come home to invest your knowledge for the development of the country.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Register As A Fageeru, Get Some Easy Money, Newest Scheme In Town

by Mujuthaba

The issue of “fageerun” or the poor people has been a much talked about subject in this country. This talk comes with a new frenzy specially during the time of Ramadan. Most of the ward chiefs in the Male' claim that the numbers of poor people registered this year is less than last year. But these numbers has to be digested with a pinch of salt as they are only absolute numbers. This does not take in to consideration the increase in population in Male' during the last year. Neither does it take into consideration that many people could not register themselves as poor people as they did not have the necessary identification to do that. It's become fashionable to demand ID cards in Male'. For instance you even need an ID card to go to rummage through the garbage in Male'. So this is one city where you are expected to be poor in style.

Jokes apart, the issue of these poor people is something the Government should have tackled long ago. For instance is there a criteria, where by you are proclaimed or judged as a poor person, like a minimum per capita? Where there is no income tax and book keeping is not required by the law this is going to be a challenge.

But it's high time that Government tried to categorize the income levels so that we could properly identify the poor people and really give them the help they deserve. For right now, anyone who is shameless enough to say that he is poor and deserves the donation is entitled it. The government has no ways of cross checking the system. Theoretically I could fool the Government in to believing that I am a poor person and could use this money to buy, say, drugs very easily.

The Government also has very loose guidelines to guide whether somebody is a poor person. For example anybody who has a big debt or loan could fall under this category. This could mean even Buruma Qasim with all his money could still quote all his unpaid loans and proclaim himself to be a poor person.

Last yeah Maldives saw 67,478.00 people registered as poor people. This constitute almost one fourth of the population. Out of this 10,100.00 were form Male' only. However the ward offices estimate that eight thousand out of the seventy thousand living in Male' will register themselves as poor people this year. Is this figure really acceptable when we consider our living standards and the living standards of those around us? Why, we even have more mobile phones then that.
If it is impossible for us to believe that every fourth person you see in Maldives is a registered poor “fageeru” or every seventh person you see in Male' has registered himself as a poor person then there must be something wrong with the way we categorize the poor people. Of course being poor is not an absolute thing. A poor man in Sweden might be considered well off in Maldives . That is why it is all the more important that Maldives evolve a practical efficient plan to categorize the poor.

We give donations on the occasion of the Ramadan prayers and the Eid that follows with a very noble objective. That it should benefit the very poor and deserving. But if the Government has not evolve a proper organization to oversee that the deserving get this benefit, then soon, the common man will loose interest in this. It is upon the government to educate the mass and to discourage the misuse of this very holy pillar of Islam.

Friday, November 19, 2004

The Maldivian Mandate: Its time for Sappe and Crowd to back down

The Maldivian: "The Maldivian Mandate: Its time for Sappe and Crowd to back down
by Rasheed
Ever since its conception the DO has operated on the assumption that Maldivians are innocent gullible people who could be molded like putty in their hand. They have fed us lies after lies to fool us. Similar to a medicine tablet whose bitter inside is covered by a colorful sweet coating their articles are outrageous lies laced with just enough truth to make it palatable to the average Maldivian.
Perhaps we Maldivian are really na�ve because DO has never bothered to make this fact a secret and still a few of us got fooled by their propaganda. Their philosophy is very well outlined in their website which says in bold letters � Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit atrocities �.
The last few months they have been testing out this philosophy. Sure enough they managed to draw out a significant crowd in August although most of them were onlookers. Encouraged by this they moved into deeper territory. But fortunately for Maldivians they were left with egg on their face. The DO's repeated call for demonstration in the Tripod Square fell on deaf ears. Mr. GoGo Latheef's call for a Tourism boycott was not heeded by the international community. Failing this, they tried to organize a demonstration in London through Friends of Maldives for which less then a dozen Maldives attended. Their plan to disrupt the Eid celebrations in Colombo was received with no better success.
The Maldivian community world wide has spoken. They have given their decision in very clear terms. They have not left anything for doubt. The Maldivians are all united behind their Government. We are not going to let these dissidents disturb the harmony and peace that exist within us. The message is very clear. It is time for Sappe and crowd to fold their game and back down. "

The Lies Wear Thin! MDP will never win an election!

We have always said that MDP were always opposed to democracy. Why do we say that? The reasons are many, but the following stand out.
1) The fundamental reason is that MDP is owned, funded and directed primarily by the mass murderer Sikka, who was convicted on 25 counts of murder all carried out in a single day, on 3rd November 1988.

2) The other major reason is that their leadership comprise filthy rich people who want to make sure that their ill-gotten wealth is not lost-eg: Gasim's resorts which are creaking under his huge debt burden; and the notorious case of Villingili.

2) The most presentable face these guys have is Gogo Latheef, because he had won a seat in a small constituency that his resort money bought up in 1989. But in 1990, he lost his seat after conviction for ordering a hit on a fellow MP, Mr Ibrahim Shareef, and for advocating torture on Ameel Jaleel, Abdul Sattar Ali and Abdul Wahid.

Writing under the pseudonym "Uthuru Thari", Gogo called for violent acts of torture to be performed on these people who were arrested by President Gayyoom under the suspicion of embezzling public funds.

The two people who carried out the hit on Ibrahhim Shareef, MP were paid by Gogo Latheef out of funds he earned out of Rannali Resort. They attacked Shareef as he was walking home from the Mosque, breaking two ribs. The men arrested for this bloody deed were Makun Falah and Ilyas Husain Ibrahim.

3) Sappe has now said that even if elections were monitored by the EU, MDP will reject elections. Lets face it. MDP will never get to office through the ballot box. That's why the bullet is so close to them.

4) Sappe keeps posting fabricated pictures of a peaceful rally on 13th August. In truth, he has admitted to sending Fareed and his band of terrorists into the Maidan. So what are people like Zaki, Munavvar, Qasim and Ibra doing in the company of fundamentalists terrorists outside the police headquarters? Surely, these are not the acts of people who are likely to win a general elect ion.

5) Without rigging and intimidation and false voting, MDP goons will never win an election. MDP have compiled lists of dead people. people living abroad, and bedridden and elderly, just so that they can fake those votes.

6) Sappe had given some names. Like him, all arc being paid by Qasim or are his employees.

7) When Sappe cries that there is no campaigning he has forgetten what his paymaster ADK Nashid has been doing all these months giving free medicare only to those from Dhaal Constituency; that Mohamed Shihab provides free postage to his supporters, that Gasim has bought of 7 seats with II filthy sums of money.

So if we are hearing Sappe right, MDP is admitting that previous elections were rigged. It is just that they will not win no matter who ho monitors elections. We just saw the extent of public support for MDP-some 20() drugs offenders, some 12 MPs who are so corrupt that they had bought their seats, and 7 persons in the UK and none in Colombo.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Maldivian Mandate: Its time for Sappe and Crowd to back down

Ever since its conception the DO has operated on the assumption that Maldivians are innocent gullible people who could be molded like putty in their hand. They have fed us lies after lies to fool us. Similar to a medicine tablet whose bitter inside is covered by a colorful sweet coating their articles are outrageous lies laced with just enough truth to make it palatable to the average Maldivian.

Perhaps we Maldivian are really naïve because DO has never bothered to make this fact a secret and still a few of us got fooled by their propaganda. Their philosophy is very well outlined in their website which says in bold letters “ Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit atrocities ”.

The last few months they have been testing out this philosophy. Sure enough they managed to draw out a significant crowd in August although most of them were onlookers. Encouraged by this they moved into deeper territory. But fortunately for Maldivians they were left with egg on their face. The DO's repeated call for demonstration in the Tripod Square fell on deaf ears. Mr. GoGo Latheef's call for a Tourism boycott was not heeded by the international community.

Failing this, they tried to organize a demonstration in London through Friends of Maldives for which less then a dozen Maldives attended. Their plan to disrupt the Eid celebrations in Colombo was received with no better success.

The Maldivian community world wide has spoken. They have given their decision in very clear terms. They have not left anything for doubt. The Maldivians are all united behind their Government. We are not going to let these dissidents disturb the harmony and peace that exist within us. The message is very clear. It is time for Sappe and crowd to fold their game and back down.

Monday, November 15, 2004


The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) made a big lie after all. A party founded on the pledge to bring better days to the Maldivian people vowed to bring woeful days to the country just a few days ago. When it pronounced that it will boycott Maldives what does it mean?

We are enjoying good times and hope for more in the future. From the very beginning we had a hunch for what MDP is exaggerating on. MDP declared that it’s fighting for peace in the country, but the following facts prove that their intension is not the same as what they say.1. Asking the Maldivians to protest against the elected government and they remained abroad some 1000km away.2. Organized rallies and such other illegal activities in the country.3. Their websites are is full of rumours.4. Most of the members of MDP are black listed Maldivians for major crimes (nothing related to politics).5. Some of their members’ loved ones were those perpetrators who made our ancestors face many problems. (eg: case of Swadeep Islands)6. By persuading some members of the European Union tried to apply trade sanctions on Maldives.7. Made possible for certain international bodies to visit the country on void causes.

These are only a few to mention, but any of these acts carry collateral damages to the country. Imagine what fate any of these acts will bring to the country? Visualize what will happen to our fragile economy? Envisage what will happen to the ordinary citizens of the country? Nothing, but the doom of a nation.

This is what the so called brothers of the nation are committing and finally they have fully come out of their ghettoes revealing their very truth. They have called for boycotting Maldives and are aimed to spread whatever rumours they could to prevent tourists coming to Maldives. After all who is going to suffer from this? The very people for whom MDP is said to be fighting for.

Isn’t MDP aware that Maldives is quiet dependant on tourism and any dreadful blow on tourism will affect the country badly? It will cut down our national revenues by almost half, it will lift the unemployment rate, all public services will be affected and so many other problems. Finally for what some few Maldivians residing in abroad is doing, the whole innocent Maldivian public is to pay the price and those members of the MDP will remain in sofas watching the TV to see how Maldives is starving to death and be euphoric over their success.

Maldives remains steadfast in its sovereignty and have learnt to challenge such culprits. It is our vow to them now, “we will not let the image we took so much time, effort and money to build be destroyed, specially by a freak organization like MDP.

Down and Out MDP Puts Mahir on the Forefront

It is know well known that Anni's visit to the UK to address the House of Commons on 26 October turned out to be a big fiasco. First of all, they did not allow the convicted thief anywhere near the Commons chamber. Thus, Anni had to confine himself to a small room for MPs private meetings.

Anni began by addressing the MPs with his typical litany of lies about Maldives saying that Gayyoom was a vampire, that there is an oil rig in Aarah, that Blair had buried at Checkers the monies that Gayyoom gave him as bribes in July 1998, that the real Saddam Hussain has been given asylum in Maldives, that Anni did not steal valuable property belonging to the former President because Anni was the rightful heir of all property belonging to the former President, that NSS people wore berets to conceal their horns, that Fareed is actually gay and not misogynist and that Anni himself believed in gender equality and was in fact a transvestite.
What Anni and David did not reckon was a strong government presence in the meeting. Anni's presentation was shot to smithereens by Ambassador Sobir accompanied by Iru Adams and other representatives of the Government. Yet, worse was to come. After Sobir exposed the lies that Anni was harping about, everyone agreed with Sobir on the following:

1) That Gayyoom is actually a human being.
2) That Sikka has tried to violently overthrow every government since 1967.
3) That Sheikh Rasheed did not turn away from a Cross because he was a vampire. 4) That Anni won the Male seat by a campaign of intimidation and false votes.
5) That Torquemada did not have a cult following in Maldives 6) That there were neither wolves nor sheep in the country.

Anni Pleads Sobir to Love Him as His Neighbour and Not Reveal Damaging Secrets
There was stunned silence among MPs when Sobir revealed that he lived next door to Anni and that he knew all that was happening in Canary House and the lavish and morally decadent lifestyle that Safari Tours resorts allowed Anni to indulge in as a youth.

Ambassador Sobir also said that all that horrific torture allegations were actually tales that Anni as a toddler heard instead of a lullaby when his father was in Vilingili jail under the previous President. They were shocked when they heard that Anni had attacked the elderly brother of Jaadhoo Manik, the jail warden at Vilingili in 1967-71.

The audience was also stunned when Sobir revealed that as a youth, Anni used to throw tantrums and kill goats with bare hands, and beat his girlfriends black and blue.
There were sighs when Sobir revealed that Anni's father-in-law had always been an accomplice of Sikka in attempts to overthrow the government violently.

There were more sighs when Sobir said that what was common to Latheef and Anni was that in both cases their parents had suffered terrible ordeals in jails under previous governments while both had prospered under the current government and that despite their treasonous activities, they were still being awarded government contracts without prejudice.

He told the audience that Anni's favourite pastime as an adolescent was to catch dragonflies and torture them until they died.

Sobir said that as Tourism Minister, he pleaded with Anni not to destroy tourism because his family had lost its chain of 5 resorts due to mismanagement after Sikka was locked up on 24 counts of murder in 1988.

Sobir also told accounts of how Anni tried to dig a well in his house and bury some of those killed on 3 rd November in order to hide evidence before the Indians arrived.

Sobir said that his house and Anni's house were separated by a fence that was barely 5 feet high and that you could hear everything that went on each other's house.
He said that he could smell dope floating in from Anni's house.
Sobir also confirmed that Anni's younger brother, Nazim Sattar was a
committed haabie, who worked in the islands to convert small island communities to fundamentalism.

Sobir said that he was speaking not as an Ambassador, but as a next door neighbour who was fully informed of all the goings on in the Canary House and that his house was called Pink House. He said he was testifying as an eye witness and not as an envoy of Government.
He said it was he who reported the conversations between Sappe's elder brother Mohamed Shafeeg and Anni between September and October 1990, when Anni was paying Shafeeg to buy distress flares to be fired in to the Convention Hall of the SAARC Summit and other tactics to terrorise the President's family.

Sobir said that Anni dared not deny before him that Anni ordered Shafeeg to steal dynamite that was brought to Male to dredge a new harbour by blowing up sections of the reef.
Sobir said that Anni was a little man with a big mouth, who was obsessed with the Great Arson of 1880s which brought the British in to the country to change the government.
After this inevitable and irretrievable defeat, Anni flew back to Colombo in total humiliation and devastation. It was now up to Dave the Knave to stir things up. He begged Sobir to love thy neighbour as thyself and not to beggar thy neighbour. Sobir responded that it was FoM and Anni who were trying to turn Maldives in to beggars. That is why FoM has now decided to call off the Tourism Boycott.

Anyway, the scale of the defeat was evident last Monday. David Hardingham called for a demonstration to bring democracy and reform to the Maldivian High Commission in London. The new High Commissioner had arrived just last month. It was unthinkable for FoM that Gayyoom would send as High Commissioner the next door neighbour of Anni. The whole point of the demo is to get Sobir out of London, because he knew just how to handle Anni and to neutralize Anni completely. Sobir knew too many of Anni's dark secrets.

But the demo was a disaster. Who heeded David's call? Only the granddaughter of Sikka who masterminded the mercenary invasion of 1988, Abujee's daughter, another Sikka clan member, and a German airhead called Sarah Mahir.

After the fiasco, FoM and MDP have changed their tactics. They have decided to play good cop/bad cop. Sappe and DO will be the bad cop - so he calls for the starvation of the people. Dave will come down as the good cop to save the people-so he rejects DO's call for Tourism Boycott. But even this has not worked.

So now their last card. They want to make Mahir their leader.
MDP has been repeatedly accused of being misogynist. This has not been helped by Sappe openly acknowledging that he has close links with Fareed. The only way to repair the damage with women now is to put up Mahir, a hedonist, licentious, character known in Maldives as the Maldivian Jonah Falcon. For church goers, the name Jonah is appealing.
For women, the name Jonah Falcon is also appealing. For more information visit www. hypocrites. com/article l 2580. html

A ladies man, Mahir is going to win over 50 % of the country, and also lay to rest all accusations of MDP being misogynist, that Anni, Sappe, and Latheef and others have abandoned their spouses, and that Fareed is putting the veil on girls in the name of MDP. Another thing: Mahir will scare away Sheikh Rasheed, for Mahir wears a huge iron cross. With Mahir at the helm, the MDP can also dismiss accusations of being hostile to tourism, because Mahir cannot live in Maldives like a local, but as a tourist, and must have a bartender as life support.

One more thing: Mahir is also expected to win the support of the pro-Arab lobby in Maldives. This lobby has just lost their hero of the past 40 years, Yasir Arafat. Mahir is known not only for his bedroom fireworks, but also for his love of fast cars. MDP hopes that they can draw a link between Arafat's love of fast cars and Mahir's love of fast cars. Mahir is also a revered name among those who were educated in Egypt.

Mahir can also be linked to the other great dynasty in this country-the Velaanage dynasty. After all it was the father of the great Mahir clan who brought Coolies from Peshawar in 1915 as mercenaries. Watch out Two-two Zahir. Not only is Mahir the brother of Rado Zahir, but also the brother of the retired Colonel.

The emergence of Mahir has finally solved the problem of MDP's leadership. Gasim is too faint hearted. Zaki has done cardiac bypass. Munavar is not from Male'. Rado Zahir has no charisma. But Mahir has Zaki's sex appeal, Munavvar's audacity, Gasim's duplicity, and Rado Zahir's finances.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


In 1978 when President Gayyoom came to power Go Go Latheef occupied himself travelling between Singapore, Colombo and Male’. His main business was smuggling. Smuggling goods from one country to another was a typical method of earning some extra cash for seamen. They would buy some products from one port and sell it at a higher price at another port. Go Go Latheef also had strong connections with the Endherimaage family. Apparently Latheef and his brother Dr. Abdul Samad Abdullah stayed at Endherimaage when they were younger. Latheef got on well with the Endherimaage ladies. But even during those times he did not get on too well with Mr. Abbas Ibrahim. It is said that Latheef got to know President Gayyoom on a personal basis, and often conversed with him in the relaxed family environment in Endherimaage.

Latheef had the opportunity to befriend the Endherimaage family due to his parents’ connections with them when they were alive. At the time it was rumoured that President Gayyoom even wanted him to join the government. He was offered a number of jobs, mostly jobs in the field of commerce, including a job in S.T.O. Somehow it did not materialise, possibly because of the difference in demands from both sides.

Go Go Latheef also kept in touch with his former school mates from Sosun Villa (the Maldivian government hostel for students in Sri Lanka). Amongst his colleagues, Ahmed Zahir (the current Speaker of the Majlis) was publishing "Hafthaa" at the time, and later on Husney Mohamed, Mohamed Farooq (who was not in Sosun Villa but one of their colleagues interested in journalism), Go Go Latheef and Ahmed Zahir published "Dhuvas". Jesus Afeef acted as a correspondent for these young journalists. The paper covered politics and a lot of other aspects. Poor Jesus Afeef (the current MP for Thaa Atoll and one of the Special Majlis walkouts) was banished for an article he published which apparently lacked facts. However, "Dhuvas" was short lived not due to the type of materials that it published, but due to time, financial and management constraints. It was never able to make the mark it desired in the Maldivian community. That was the end of Latheef's interest for journalism.Latheef used to be a smooth talker. His speciality was gassing – all talk and no action! Latheef tried to get involved in politics, as many of his school friends and hostel friends abroad were into Maldivian politics. People like Ahmed Zahir and Husney Mohamed were close friends of Latheef. Both Ahmed Zahir and Latheef hail from the same atoll. Both of them left the atoll at a very tender age. Ahmed Zahir became an MP for the atoll. Latheef won a seat for the atoll with Ahmed Zahir during the early 1990s. As mentioned in part I of this article, he could not handle the pressure in parliament. When he was in Parliament, the members had newly attained their Parliamentary immunity.

There was a free flow of ideas, criticisms, challenges and even questioning the speaker on the way he conducted the sessions. Nobody was saved of challenges.For budding politicians, in a democracy parliament is the spring board to jump high for a political life. It is on this floor when you expose yourself to the people and other leaders, by voicing your ideas and opinions of governing the nation, and the way to reach your goals. This is why parliament is so important for the capable politicians. Many made their mark in the Maldivian parliament even after President Gayyoom came to power. You get recognition for what you are worth in parliament. You do not have to hail from Endherimaage or Kaamineege or be an employee of SHE. You only have to look at the lives of a handful of MPs to see this. For instance, take Jesus Afeef (who by the way acquired that name because he bore some resemblance to Jesus Christ). Afeef may be a member of the MDP and one of the MPs to stage the walkout. However, he has not gone by unrecognised for his values and opinions in politics. So far, Afeef has been far more tactful than Go Go Latheef in dealing with the sensitive issues in the Maldives. Or how about Mohamed Shihab or Husney Mohamed? Look at Ahmed Zahir. All these people began their careers together. They did not have any special privileges. They certainly were not sycophants. They were not boot lickers. They got the recognitions through their hard work in parliament.

Why didn't Latheef get it? The answer is simple. He is not a leader. He is just an ordinary businessman whose speciality is smuggling. Of course he made many people rich through his businesses, such as former MP Thinadu Rashad, who owns quite a few shops in Male’. Go Go Latheef married his wife, Wafiyya, without her father’s permission. His father-in-law, the late Mr. Ali Najeeb felt that he was a weird character, who did not live up to their standards. He felt that his eldest daughter should have her priorities on completing her education from Aminiya School. However, Latheef had other ideas. He felt that he might lose her if he waited. As it turned out she was pregnant carrying his baby. In order to escape from the law, and save the family from embarrassment, Latheef married Wafiyya. When Wafiyya’s due date was approaching, they felt that the delivery in Male' was too risky. They ended up in a boat to escape from Male’. The baby was delivered at sea. That is how Jennifer saw the world.

Her first glimpse of the world was while her parents were on the run from the law. (Apologies to Latheef if he is reading this, but from the way you have been ranting and raving, surely you must have known that this would have eventually come out?) History repeats itself. Jennifer appears to be following her parents. Latheef’s son landed himself in a scandal by getting married to an under-aged girl in Sri Lanka. They lived in Sri Lanka until she was of age and returned to Male’ to solemnise their marriage. Latheef’s son was just short of being branded a paedophile. The point here is that while DO/MDP delights themselves by reporting scandals on personal lives of certain government officials (and in the case of no scandals, by fabricating stories), they only have to look at their own people for ignominious records. President Gayyoom was kind enough to give Go Go Latheef two tourist resorts, namely, Rannalhi and Bathalaa. He used the legitimate income from these resorts to support his more dubious side businesses.

Even today he collects rent from the lease holders of these resorts. Due to his decent tourism earnings, Latheef was able to provide the best education possible for his children from the likes of Hollywood and Switzerland. Today, this nasty unpatriotic man is trying to deprive many Maldivians from their simple livelihood - tourism. Boycotting tourism won’t have any effects on the business tycoons, the ministers and President Gayyoom. However, it would affect the average Maldivian who relies on their meagre salaries. Everything in our economy relies on tourism. Government services could deteriorate (the kind of services that we take for granted at the moment). It would affect health services. It would affect education projects. It would affect all types of businesses.

It would even affect the price of an onion! These power hungry megalomaniacs want nothing but the Maldivian wealth, namely tourism, for themselves. Their behaviour could be likened to a bunch of small children with their favourite toys, which they would rather destroy than give anyone else. Go Go Latheef criticises others for their lack of democratic norms. But does he have any? Under what kind of a democracy does he get the freedom to write whatever he desires or what his stooges want, on the senior civil servants of the Maldives? Which democracy gives them the right to distort facts and spin lies? To the average Maldivian, democracy may bring about wholly new concepts, but what gives Latheef and DO/MDP the right to mislead Maldivian citizens? At this stage, not too many Maldivians understand the meaning of freedom of speech. DO flourishes daily on market gossip.

Latheef himself revels in conjecture. This is not freedom of speech! This is not contributing in any way to any reform that would ever take place in the Maldives! Latheef was shameless in joining the Christian missionaries to reach his goal. Buruma Gasim may be a wealthy man, but could he support his puppets as well as air space for a radio show that lasts an hour? A few minutes of advertisement on the radio could easily cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. We are all craving for proper reform in the government.

But do Latheef and his goons expect to receive a warm welcome in the Maldives after attempts to destroy our fragile economy? MDP and these “Friends of Maldives” could appropriately be titled as “Enemies of the Nation”. Would readers regard Latheef and his associates as fit to rule? Would you regard them as fit to advocate for our rights? For a country that is predominantly Moslem and holds Moslem values, can these guys bring us what we want? Will they be genuine in their “promises” when they happen to be hypocrites?

No Amount of Democracy will bring MDP to power


Let us face it. Dissidents are exiled in Colombo and London not because there is no democracy in Maldives . It is because they have no space in our society-at least, not as men and women of integrity, respect, and honesty.

Many of these people have been social misfits for years before they became political dissidents. And they are thriving today on a younger generation of social outcasts-the yobbos that we call "partey" (which by the way is a corruption for "partner".)

Latheef had always been a social misfit, the result of the tragedy that befell his family as a result of a British-fomented secessionist rebellion in Suvadiva from 1959-63. Reputed for being an alcoholic who did eccentric things in a traditional Muslim society, there was mutual rejection between Latheef and society. Never a man of much moderation, naturally, Latheef kicked the bottle and took up Wahhabism, or fundamentalist Islam. He may be too ill-disciplined to follow the devotional rituals that a "haabie" follows, but he has retained the political ideology and the crusading mentality of the habbies.

It would take decades before a habbie was embraced as a mainstream politician in this country, especially in an age of satellite Television and proliferation of western graduates.

Of course, Latheef having punched and kicked his old friend Ahmed Zahir, MP just outside the Parliament building in December 2000 does not improve his image as a politician. His recent outbursts in the media, calling President Gayoom a "congenital liar" and a "brute" in a BBC interview, and calling people in the Maldives "animals and dogs" and the President a "sadistic animal" and trying to puke in an interview with has not helped improve the way society views him.

Of course, radicals like Che Guevara carry an aura of mysticism and romance that have earned them international reputation. Likewise, foreign diplomats in Colombo , desperate to find even one Maldivian who would want to reject the dominance of Islam in the country, have been drawn to aid and abetting Latheef.

These interfering diplomats are yet to learn that a pathological hatred of President Gayoom does not translate to alternative political leadership or vision. Just as a person who articulated a pathological hatred for George Washington, calling him a sadistic animal, a congenital liar, and brute, would not have been offered to succeed the Father of America.
Nor would the British even dream of handing over No 10 Downing Street to some hooligan who calls Blair a "brute" "congenital liar", "sadistic animal," "dog" and pukes in an interview, after Blair retires.

Why should the people of this country not have the right to choose our own leader from the ranks of respectable people? Why do foreigners insist on imposing on us the likes of Latheef, Sappe and Anni?

What people forget is that President Gayoom enjoys the status of "father of modern Maldives." Personal insults on him, a rejection of his successes, and a campaign to vilify him would earn little support in a country that has gone from rags to riches in just two decades. His successor would be not be a venom­breather, but someone who could fill his shoes with dignity. We are also a nation. We have happy families. We have thriving businesses. The people have a positive outlook. In such a situation, only a decent man or woman can succeed a man as decent as President Gayoom.

Such a person does not exist in the ranks of the dissidents. In their deluded analysis which holds that the country is being "brutalized", and in their eagerness to embrace that view regardless of the facts, they forget that we are an upbeat country whose people will not handover their future to a bunch of "parteys" or to eccentric dissidents out on a personal vendetta. This country has 87 resorts. Soon that number will become one hundred. We have the potential to become a very rich nation. That is a future that every rational person in this country will want to protect and place in safe hands.

Che's "Mini-manual on Revolution" may be alluring read for the dissidents. But we have not yet become Fanon's "the wretched of the earth". But hobnobbing with parteys, the dissidents may not notice that.

Apart from Latheef, who else is there? Not one person who has any reputable social standing. Gasim is a super businessman. But his wealth was handed over to him by people with influence. Everybody knows that with over 80 million dollars in debt, Gasim can only survive as a businessman by taking more loans or getting some written-off or by getting a permanent lease on his resorts at low rents. Not everybody may yet have woken up to the unsustainable basis of Gasim's debts and that his interests ultimately are diametrically opposed to those of society at large, but we all know that he would not give up his wealth for political office. He wants a sympathetic government to ward of his impending financial meltdown, not to give up business and run the country.

Zaki and Munavvar were removed from office because the public would not have them even in the Gayoom cabinet. They had become so unpopular that MDP would not even elect Munavvar as a Councillor, and Zaki was shouted down by MDP persons in the town meetings in June and July. In fact, they were so certain of losing their re-election bid in the parliamentary elections scheduled for this year, they did not hesitate to spend nearly 10 hours in the Jumhoree Maidhan on 12-13 August, in the company of some 200 drug parteys and Fareed's band of religious extremists, exposing themselves to arrest and being charged under the Criminal Code.
Who else is there? Anni? He is scion of the Sikka family who has opposed every government in this country through violent means, including funding the invasion of Maldives by Tamil mercenaries in 1988, resulting in the loss of some 50 lives.

Mujuthaba? He is a signatory of the MDP petition in 2001. His pedigree is certainly impeccable. People also believe that he has magical powers and can walk on water. Whatever the truth about his presumed magical powers, he is decidedly short on commitment and tenacity, having resigned from parliament in just a matter of months. Besides, what has he done in the past 30 years?

This therefore leaves us with David Hardingham. I think if MDP is to run this country, they would have to be led either by the British High Commission of the Friends of Maldives. That is because no amount of democracy, transparency, election funding or monitors will cause the people of this country to hand over the reins of this country to Gogo Latheef, Buruma Gasim, Zaki, Munavar, Anni or Mujuthaba, and other social misfits and political rejects.
So David? Do you want to start where Sir Arthington-Davey left off in 1965? Do you really think that we are cannibals?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Maldivian

The Maldivian: "Message from FOM
Note. Following is a message recieved from FOM.
FirstName: Kezia, Admin in Charge , Friends of Maldives, U.K
Comments: Oh, the reason why we are not that many is because one of us had to take pictures. So you can add one more person to the protesters in the picture. Yeah mainly from our immediate and extended family but the whole point is we did it. We organized a demonstration in London n front of Maldives embassy. You guys should be proud of David for helping you poor people out of this hell hole. He deserves a status of a Maldivian hero. One day we will help you get a better life - the life we enjoy in London and other cities in Europe. Better health, better food, better entertainment, better pubs, most importantly freedom... freedom from the claws of protective parents you guys still have in Maldives, freedom to choose who is your first date, freedom to choose whom to marry instead of the arranged marriages you have to go through in Maldives.

p.s: if you want to donate some money, please contact us at: Friends of Maldives, 64 Milford Street, Salisbury, SP1 2BP, U.K Tel: 01722 504 330 E-mail:

Thank you for your support and generous contributions.

Best regards,
Kezia Hardingham "

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bigger Stage, Smaller Crowd - MDPs London Circus an Embarrassing Failure

It was the event of the month on Go Go's calendar! A number of the Party (easily mistaken by many with Partey) bigwigs took the long flight to Europe to join Sappe' and there was no lack of Pounds pumped into this adventure either! This masterstroke was the brainchild of Honourable Ibra himself. The "pro-democracy protest" of 12 th and 13 th August in Jumhooree Maidhaan would be replayed on a much bigger stage - central London. It was sanctioned by Sikka and the financiers as an "absolute winner". After all Londoners with their love affair with downtrodden democracy activists and ill-treated campaigners would flock in their hundreds of thousands to view this spectacle. It was also conveniently supposed to turn a few international heads, with a number of embassies and consulates in the vicinity.

Alas! MDPs "protest" outside the Maldivian High Commission on Nottingham Place, London, was surely the biggest embarrassment in MDPs stop-start political life. Unlike its now infamous cousin the Stab Friday in Male', this one went by with no enthusiasm, no punch, and certainly no people! What would surely be characterized by Dhivehi Observer as a "MASSIVE PRO-DEMOCRACY PROTEST IN LONDON" with "thousands of activists battling the cold for hours to call for freedom in the Maldives" was in fact less than a dozen people of little or no significance standing outside the High Commission front door with a few banners and placards that no one gave a hoot about.

Leading the pack was a Mr. Cunningham - a grad student doing research on political repression in the Maldives. He has of late frequented the Maldives and is the leading activist of Friends of the Maldives. Then there was that retard Bondhu Naseer, Le Cute' Mausoom, Abujee's daughter (who is supposedly in boarding school in the UK), Mr. Corruption Lhoheege' Mahir's daughter, Mr. Cunningham's girlfriend and a few old­age pensioners that he picked up from his local pub on his way to Central London!

They came at around lunchtime, armed with more placards and banners than bodies and of course a few bottles of Budweisser and Avian mineral water (after all it was quite humid even in the London autumn and who gives a shit even if its Ramadan). Well, after standing there like a few stoned parteys (except Mr. Cunningham who was in full song) for a couple of hours, the bunch dispersed - some to the nearest pub of a refreshment and the others to distribute leaflets to potential British tourists bound for the Maldives. The Metropolitan Police was apparently alerted by a couple of concerned clients staying at the posh bed and breakfast opposite the High Commission, after they spotted Naseer piss on the sidewalk. Lucky for him, he cleared out before the Met handed him a hefty fine.

So, where did the no-shows go? Where was Sappe' and his apparent "strong and growing" support in Tony Blair's backyard? Where was the Patron Saint O' Shear? Even Anni's self-proclaimed buddies from the House of Commons did not show up. Well, Sappe' was naturally too hung over after the previous nights action. Reports have also come in that resides in Switzerland) promised to join them that morning. He did manage to reach London on Eurostar, but got totally confused on the London Underground and could not figure out which line to take to get to Baker Street (if only he had the intuition of Sherlock Holmes)! The expected 980 other demonstrators were supposed to be onlookers, who were unfortunately not there! The think tank of course forgot that this was not the Jumhooree Maidhaan where curious passersby would poke their heads into other people's affairs. Plus, there were no parteys roaming all over in the hope that they may get the opportunity to pick someone's pocket or meet a new dealer! Anyway, the MDP's date in London was a damp squib! There were more people admiring the bronze bust of Sherlock outside the tube station than there were in front of the High Commission. For once even Sappe' and his backroom photo doctors cannot make this one look like anything other than what it really was. Even the Japanese tourists roaming in the area to try and get into Madame Tussaudes' did not want to waste their precious film on this sorry lot!

So let's analyze this political blunder! Why the disgraceful turnout? What went horribly wrong? Well, for starters this was not the initiative of the Colombo hierarchy anyway. Ibra was apparently "hopping" mad when he heard that his plans had been tinkered with. This comedy is a vivid example of the growing influence of Friends of the Maldives. At this rate, they may overshadow the MDP themselves and gain more of a voice. It looks as if the MDP has created a monster and they are no longer able to control it. Reliable sources indicate that the date of Satirical Monday was hastily pushed forward. Why? Mr. Cunningham's wish once again. He was night in which he spoke on behalf of the majority of the country's citizens and noted that the Maldives wished to remain an Islamic nation. Friends of the Maldives and their religious liberals were of course totally pissed off - no missionary work even with June 9th.

The banners and placards that the group carried had things like "We want democracy NOW" and "Free My Father - Lhoheege Mahir". Well, the Maldives is a democratic country and with the current reform package, we

are bound to see even more democratization. The problem is that the Maldives is no longer a British protectorate and we don't need some elderly Brits telling us what we do and don't need - we can take care of ourselves! As for the heartwarming appeal for her parent - Ms Mahir should note that whether it is Lhoheege or Dharubaaruge, the law applies the same. Sorry lass! Your dad is a criminal and in the Maldives he has to face the music!

This "demo" will of course not be the last we hear from Cunningham and his geriatric stooges. They will no doubt make an appearance outside (or maybe inside) the London Excel during the World Travel Market fair later this month. Their leaflet of yesterday too had the proud title " Maldives - Islands of Paradise and Hell". Once again, the true motives of Friends of the Maldives have surfaced. Is it not time that we woke up to realize that people like Le Cute Mausoom (in whose business establishments we spend lavishly) only for him to use the money to hold the country's tourism dollar at ransom, is nothing but a traitor to the land and its people! Any red blooded Maldivian patriot will think twice before giving our money to this lot! Do Le Cute Mausoom, Le Cute Majid, Sunland Nazeer and Rado Zahir not get enough money from us; why are they hell-bent on destroying the nation? In the case of some people there might be some personal grievance somewhere along their family trees that prompts them to become these creatures of betrayal, deceit and dissent, but in the case of such people on the top tiers of the business food chain, their intent and motive is less clear. Is it hunger for power or money laundering? Or maybe they are just being loyal subjects to the shark of the business pond himself, that well-educated, stylish, eloquent, tycoon now in house arrest!

Monday, November 08, 2004


In recent months, Maldivian internet magazines have been overflowing with political analysis, areas that require reform, and of course, tasteless articles on who is homosexual and what they do in their bedrooms. The Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) firmly believes that they are the “chosen ones” to introduce “democracy” to the Maldives . Their mouthpiece, the Dhivehi Observer (DO) revels in dissecting the lives of public figures and judging whether they are capable persons for their respective jobs. At times, DO tends to get a bit carried away (which is probably an understatement) and fabricates “biographies” as they go along. The author feels that there are not many articles that study the lives of the main members of MDP, and judge whether they themselves are capable for the job. For the sceptics who may jump to the conclusion that this author cannot wait to “smear” the reputation of the beloved MDP members, all the information set below are accurate. It is ultimately for the readers to judge whether some of the members are capable or not.

One of the most prominent members of the MDP is their spokesperson, Go Go Latheef. Despite rumours that the name Go Go was derived from some automobile, Go Go was actually the name of a dance that was very popular during the late 60s and early 70s. Latheef was called Go Go because he was one of the pioneers to bring the dance to the Maldives . At the time, the socially isolated Maldives was 100% dependent on the foreign culture brought by the students who used to study in Sri Lanka . There were very few Maldivian students in India , and hardly anyone in Europe . Go Go Latheef was a student at Trinity College , Kandy . His father and grand father were wealthy autocrats from South Huvadu Atoll. They were at the time the wealthiest people in the region. They were also well known for their influence and power over the people in that region. It cannot be said that Go Go Latheef's father and grandfather were great leaders. They only practised “money law”. A wealthy person may see “justice” but not the poor! The citizens of South Huvadu Atoll had to live for a number of years under rampant terrorism by Go Go Latheef's father and grandfather. These powerful corrupt men abused the rights of innocent citizens of Huvadu Atoll. Nobody could contest against them for their misdeeds, as his grand father was the atoll chief and his father was the island chief. How about that for a corrupt ruling family??

At a very tender age Latheef was brought to Male' in order to send him to Sri Lanka for studies. After completing the SSC exams in Sri Lanka , which was the equivalent of O' Levels during those days, he came back to Male'. He got a scholarship to go to Beirut while he was working in Male'. Latheef's problem was waking up early and going for work. He had missed appointments many a times, and lived an irresponsible life. On countless number of times he had gone to work just flashing some water on his face, looking rotten. He certainly did not portray the face of a budding politician who would lead the nation to democracy.

When Latheef went to Beirut to do his degree, his companion was Thumbulhi Hameed, who is now in a mental asylum in Sweden (perhaps to be accompanied by Sandhaanu Luthfee soon?). When they were in Beirut , they joined a group called the "Al - Fathah Movement" – the movement for the national liberation of Palestine. Hameed was a respected activist who visited foreign countries on their behalf to raise funds. As it was not in Latheef's nature to take anything seriously, half way through, he gave up his association with "Al - Fathah". He also gave up his studies and returned to Maldives . In Maldives he started working for a well known businessman who was also a renowned smuggler. Those days smuggling was considered as socially acceptable in the Maldives . Maldivians were so poor that whatever goods they got from abroad were shipped to Colombo to sell at the black market. At the time the Sri Lankan government prohibited import of foreign goods to the country. So there was a big demand for such goods. This was just the beginning of Go Go Latheef's wealth.

Latheef was also not a very religious man. He was a happy-go-lucky person. However, his boss, the “businessman” was a very religious person. Latheef was forced to learn how to pray and what to recite in prayers. Bear in mind that we are talking about a fully grown Maldivian man who did not know how to pray!! One clear example of his disbelief in Islam at the time is the names he gave his children. His daughter is called Jennifer and the son is called Dennis. The much embarrassed Dennis, who apparently did not take after his father unlike the daughter, was so ashamed of being called Dennis, that he changed his name to “Ahmed”. Unfortunately, none of his children have any religious knowledge. From childhood they spoke in English at home and went to western countries to pursue their educations.

Later on in life, Latheef decided to contest for a seat in Parliament. He was elected to the South Huvadu Atoll seat, but could not survive the pressure of parliamentary politics. He was never known as a great democrat. He certainly never spoke about democracy! The man who could not hold responsibility as an MP, let alone handle the demands of the citizens of South Huvadu Atoll, is now pretending to be a great politician who wants to introduce democracy. It makes one wonder whether there is an ulterior motive. Of course, Go Go Latheef has always been an opportunist and has never thrown away the chance to earn some money. As long as he is getting paid by someone, he would be the kind of person to obey his paymaster.

Go Go Latheef's experiences do not exactly portray leadership qualities. If anything, it shows that he has always been a negligent, reckless and irresponsible person. He has always been bitter about the actions that the government of former President Nasir took against his grand father, father, uncle and the rest of the family. For those of you who may not be aware of this, Go Go Latheef's family created a rebel state in Huvadu Atoll.

They wanted to get separated from the government of the Maldives , and become an independent state. POWER! They wanted to become the ultimate RULERS themselves! As a result of this rebel state, the then Nasir government sent the military and brought them to Male'. Latheef's family were tried, sentenced and imprisoned. Many of them died in the process. Many of their family members never forgave Nasir for this act. Over 45 years later, Go Go Latheef is doing exactly the same thing. He has formed a government in exile. He is following the footsteps of his ancestors by creating fear amongst the Maldivians and the battle for power. He became a “democrat” when his daughter was taken to custody.

Do you call him a freedom fighter? Are his acts for the love of democracy or is it selfishness? How can someone become a “freedom fighter” over night? He was never particularly interested in democracy. For him, it was all about money. Things have not changed today. Latheef revels in the money that he gets from his paymaster – in Ahmed Shafeeq's (Sappe's) words, from “Bappa”. As it turned out “Bappa” has confessed to financially supporting his little puppets based overseas. Sappe' had even received direct instructions from “Bappa” not to pick on the beloved Illiyasbey and his dodgy dealings. The smear campaign may continue against everyone else including President Gayyoom and Madam Nasreena. Latheef never had any issues concerning democracy. He simply has a case of congenital greed for power.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


The Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) by its actions seems as if its inception is for the protection of the prisoners' rights. While some 200 islands are populated in the Maldives , have they even once visited any of these islands, while they have been to some three to four times to the Dhoonidhooo and Maafushi jails and produced reports regarding prisoners' welfare? A question raised by one of its readers in a leading newspaper asks about the HRCM role �whether the Commission is protecting the rights of the prisoners or the general public�. The answer from the chairmanship is ridiculous and is of utter shame from a person of such caliber �question it from the HRCM, face to face�

Heard of a commission recently formed to scrutinize the acts of the people involved in the 12-13 August illegal crowd dispersal, something which no country has ever done and should not even happen. Things of such nature seek security and enhance encouragement to commit more crimes. The increasing number of robberies and drug dealings is undoubtedly the result of such bogus Commissions. Their acts, which protects the criminals, creates the hallucination that the police is not carrying out its duties.

Open violence was nonexistent here. But today nabbing, knife stabbing, drug dealings, gang fights are all common. In the past people will stand against such atrocities and stop such things from happening and do even report to the appropriate agencies. But now the trend is, even if the whole houses is robbed upside down nothing is done, for it is the house owner who will be pronounced guilty by the HRCM even if a scratch is made on the robber.

It is same issue that is going on with the agencies involved in the 12-13 August illegal crowd dispersal. As the gathering was illegal government plead several times to leave the c"

Friday, November 05, 2004


With reference to the article:
“ Eyewitness account of 1988 coup attempt and aftermath plus related correspondence”
It seems that DO is trying to fool the readers by writing false articles about the 1998 coup attempt. In my observation the rational behind this false article in saying that people were ill treated in Police custody during 1998 and mentioning that those were Singhalese is just for the simple reason that the DO wants to gain the sympathies of Sri Lankan Sinhalese by this and make Sri Lanka as a safe heaven for their dirty activities.

The author of the article tries to show that he is the hero of the day by writing that he was near the NSS Headquarters most of the time and he unloaded a weapon of a dead mercenary while the fighting was going on, and he was the chief negotiator with the Indian Government on behalf of Maldives . But he did not understand that its just 15 years for the incident and we still remember each and everything happen that day as it happened a while ago.

It seems that the author of this article all alone fought against the mercenaries for the Maldives , all the others were just sleeping. But the fact is that this particular article is written by the people who pissed to their pants on this very same day, but now blowing their own trumpet.

You can also see the true identity of the DO in what they have written about the Heroes who did the supreme sacrifice of life, for this country and for our religion. These articles simply reflects that the true identity of DO

Disillusioned by the parliament

I ask them
Or members elected
Are you here for us
Or for your salary
If so my dear elected
We can't afford you here
For this isn't business
We are reforming
The country is reforming
And it starts with you

After a controversial meeting the Present set of MP's left their electorate in a shock with their utterly reprehensible behaviour. After almost more then 4 years in the parliament with no credible result to show for that, they showed their true colours in the eve of their departure from the parliament. No wonder many of them has decided not to stand in this fresh election because they know that they don't stand a chance.

Perhaps it is a reflection of how much the Maldivian Democracy depends on the Parliament that they are allowed to decide their own salary. But the fiasco that happened in the last meeting when they were asked to fix their own salary is proof of their selfish nature.

While some of them suggested a salary as exorbitant as ten Thousand rufiyaa, saner thoughts prevailed. Nevertheless they end up getting Seven Thousand Rufiyaa as salary, a 55% increase from the old one. Still others put forward a motion which was seconded suggesting an allowance of Seven Thousand more on that to cater for their office, living, telephone and staff. Thank god they didn't ask another allowance for their wives. Anyway, again saner thoughts prevailed and they could not get this passed. They also fixed the salary of the Special Majlis members at the same rate. I wonder, isn't it a ridiculous idea in the fist place for members to fix their own salary?

Please don't be fooled by this simple mathematics. This effectively means that a Parliament member will be getting a salary of fourteen Thousand Rufiyaa for their efforts. That is Seven Thousand Rufiyaa from the Parliament and Seven Thousand Rufiyaa from the Special Majlis. Lets also put in the other benefits like Immunity form arrest unless under normal
circumstances, priority in facilities giving public service like IGMH and a diplomatic passport to go with. Wow! isn't that something? Being an MP is sure going to be fashionable and with this trend we can hope to see many faces this coming election.

After Ramadan the meetings will be held during morning working hours where by those members in Government jobs would be absent form their normal regular jobs. So a member working in the Government would be in fact getting three salaries. His regular salary, the Parliament salary and the Special Majlis salary which could amount to a total of anything up to twenty thousand rufiyaa while they do all these work concurrently at the same time. And since most of these members are quite senior in the government a lot of work is suspended pending their signature while they earn their salary in the Majlis.

Now the larger question here is not how much they are being paid. But what is more important is whether their pay commensurate the amount of work they do. Normally there is no set schedule for the Special Majlis to meet. It is convened at the will of the President of the Special Majlis. And normally now they are expected to meet not more then twice a week. I wonder when they are being paid anything up to twenty thousand rufiyaa why can't they meet daily to accelerate the reform process.

I know that in great democracies like America the legislature is paid a modest salary with some allowances. Citing these some members have demanded office allowance worth three thousand rufiyaa, staff allowance worth thousand five hundred rufiyaa and living allowance worth thousand five hundred rufiyaa and a telephone allowance worth thousand five hundred rufiyaa. And I don't mean to imply that we should not follow the examples of great countries.

But if you take a look at the larger picture, the legislature in those countries is employed full time in their job.

They don't treat their parliamentary posts as Part time jobs like they do here. Come to think of it, the Parliamentary posts in Maldives has become a highly paid, highly lucrative Part Time job with a lot of added perks, only they do their part time job on their regular job's time.

Under those circumstances, when the members have set for themselves a ridiculously exorbitant salary we cannot expect them to speed up the reform process. It will be to their advantage to delay the process and enjoy the perks of the job. For once the reforms will be complete they will be jobless. And more over the last time the Special Majlis was convened it took them more then 17 years to write a piece of paper which had become outdated even before it was complete.

With this scenario I wonder whether it wouldn't be wise for us to have a Special Majlis which works full time to complete reform process. Those same members can be urged to take this as a full time job and either resign or take a no pay leave form their present regular job so that the Majlis can meet daily. God knows that that they have demanded and are getting a salary worthy of that. For that matter it would be wise also for the electorate to vote for those who can commit them selves to the legislative process in the upcoming election. Let's not let the democratic reform process get bogged down.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The pride of a nation depends on its sovereignty, so is ours. Hence in our capacity we work hard to secure it, but we may not be able to expose into all such measures that will assist us making our job easier, for most are not affordable or is out of our reach. But it would be a setback of ours if we do not extend
our hands to those of which are possible for us to attain. We were so ignorant that we took Maldives to be an external threat free nation for a long time. Since the independence from the British in 1965 we really had no much of a threat till late 1980s. Though our past is full of such threats, with the beginning of the new era of civilization, we never
expected for such ambiguities. But we were wrong. The 3 rd November 1988 came to
us in a blitz assuring us that we should lay steps that are important for homeland security.

The 3 rd November 1988 was a time the country was not ready for such a threat. Neither the general public nor the security forces even imagine such a bedlam. The whole nation went blunt not knowing what to really do.

Are we to still standstill and do nothing to prevent such an event happening? If so that would be totally ignorance. This would never achieve us the pride of the nation, sovereignty. For people who are dedicated for independence as ours, so it won't be wise to stay back without taking proper actions to counter any foreign infiltration to our homeland. We need expertise and equipment that can counter the threats of the modern age. We need to spend our tax payer's money wisely to defend them at any cost. Our heroes fought bravely on that day to keep this tiny nation independent. It is time for us to carry the pride to the next generation.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The spirit of the “Victory Day”

Once again the Victory day is upon us. For each of us Victory day brings different
meanings and feelings. But universal among them is the feeling of unity that
binds us together on this day. This unity comes from our appreciation of the
deeper reasons behind the celebration of this day.

I do not wish to go behind all the reasons for celebrating the Victory day. Suffice to day Nov 3 rd is the day when we were rudely awaken form our deep slumber by the gunfire of mercenaries. These mercenaries have been instigated to try and overthrow the Government by a few Maldivians.

Of course we do not celebrate this day for that. Rather we celebrate this day for the courage
the Maldivians showed that day in resisting this attack on our sovereignty.

Today, Victory day holds even more significance because we are yet again at a cross road of such a peril. It is for us to decide whether we should follow the example of our elders that day or we should give in. Ironically this time too a few Maldivians are involved in bringing about the
present scenario. But unlike a direct coup d'etat they have employed a more refined and sophisticated approach.

This involves a step by step attack on our religion, our democracy, our economy and our leadership. Crippling us slowly and softy till we are ripe for their pickings.

But today let us forget all our troubles. Let us try to remember the sacrifices of those who made this day possible. Let us remember the civilians who were killed mercilessly on this day. Let us also remember those who laid down their lives voluntarily so that we may have this day to celebrate.

For what ever the NSS personnel may not be, they certainly weren't cowards that day. They held on to their forts against all odds. Many of them voluntarily left the safety of their shelter and came out to be slashed by enemy bullets. These are true heroes of Modern Maldives. We should remember them with pride.

Now it would be entirely wrong for us to use this day as an excuse attack and slander anyone. I implore the internet magazine DO to respect the spirit of the day and not come out with slander and outrageous allegations. Remember this is the day for unity and it would be wrong on their side to use this as an excuse to disrupt the harmony that exists among us.

For all so called reformers I urge them to have a deep look with in to their souls on this day. And maybe they would be able to differentiate what true reform means and how different it is from dancing to someone's selfish propaganda. And then maybe they would try to bring the changes
they want in the Government with a more civilized approach without violence and bloodshed.

Finally to all Maldivians I say, lets us face this day with
the spirit of tolerance and openness to ideas and change. At the same time not compromising on our values and principles. Lets give a clear message today that we have no patience for those who would disrupt our harmony for their selfish reason. And most of all lets put aside our differences and celebrate this day with the spirit of freedom for that is the only way to celebrate the “Victory Day”

Monday, November 01, 2004

The caption "Writers languish in Maldivian jail

01 Nov 2004 - The caption "Writers languish in Maldivian jail" on, linked in Dhivehi Observer deserves some comments. For most people outside Maldives, Mohamed Zaki, Ahmed Didi and Ibrahim Luthfee are writers, but nothing can be as far from reality as this. Let me try and put this in the perspective of a Maldivian. Mohamed Zaki is a Radio Operator by profession, and he made his money by smuggling endangered turtle shells from Maldives to Japan, and from bribes he got for sending Maldivian sailors to Iranian ships during Iran Iraq war. His interest in politics started with the campaign for the election of his relative Mohamed Waheed to parliament. His basic education is below secondary level and will not be able to write 100 words in English without spelling and grammar mistakes. His businesses are complete failures due to bad management and he is in debt up to his neck to the banks. Ahmed Didi, again a Radio Operator who worked for Maldives Shipping Ltd, started off with a grievance against the then Deputy Minister Ilyas Ibrahim regarding the confiscation of some mattresses which he brought from Singapore being confiscated by the Shipping Company, for reasons which were arguable. He is among the group of sea men involved in smuggling to Maldives, for own profit. He has been ever since criticizing the government in the cafeterias and wherever he goes. Some of his arguments have merit while most are slander and people in Male' often take him for fun. His political debut started with his nomination for parliament seat of Addu Atoll, and being arrested during the election. Ibrahim Luthfee, started off with Frontier Video and Computer land, and after becoming almost bankrupt after some bad business deals, never had a paying job and lived on welfare of friends. The project for Sandhaanu evolved when the business tycoon recruited him for an IT venture named E-Maldives. Mr.Luthfee has not completed secondary level education, but he goes on to comment on everything from Law to Political change on Dhivehi Observer's radio Minivan Radio. He went to the extent of commenting that the current AG Dr.Hassan Saeed, one of the most educated Maldivians as unfit for the office! Those of you who are criticizing the Maldivian government for the arrest and conviction of the above three, have you ever read the so called Sandhaanu? If there were libel laws like Singapore in Maldives, all three would have been fined in millions. While there were some good writings contributed by professionals in Maldives, Sandhaanu carried mostly slander and was targeted to created hatred against the elected government. While we do not have laws, we do have laws which can be used to control them and what the government did was right. For Reporters without borders, or Amnesty, to criticize without properly investigating who you are trying to protect, will only tarnish your image!