Sunday, October 10, 2004


"Nazim Sattar is a brother of Anni and MDP Agent in the Maldives . Information received that Nazim was highly active at the Sagarey Park on the 12 th and 13 th August. He has seen by many eyes while inciting people. It is also informed that he has instructed to take the voice system to the Sagarey Park , which was at the MDP Ibura's office. Also he has been seen carrying food and drinks to the ground. His pictures must have seen by the Qayyoom's investigation team.
The Fact is aware that Nazim is one of the key members of MDP in Maldives . And that he is behind every Anti Government initiatives. Nazim, Anni and Sikka family is hoping a day of SIKKA presidency in the Maldives . Sikka family is well known in politics. They were never happy with then president Nasir and attempted to overthrow him.
The FACT has seen NAZIM meeting with foreigners and giving them false information about the Maldives and the government.
We wish that Nazim will be arrested soon. We can live in peace only when Sikka family is neutralized. "


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