Monday, October 18, 2004

We Prepare People for them to Serve the Nation

by Shrek 2

Maldives has a 99% literary rate, a position no other country stand. Is it not a position we attained with no-effort. Imagine how much sweat our leadership would have shed to come this long way. Have anyone ever thought about? No wonder, why people are unaware of these things? The issues of most concern are issue such as the provision of basic needs which are in plenty available to all.

Maldives is developing and so there are many foreign agencies which do support us in the run to development. Along with the economic assistance provided, to sustain the development, people are educated both locally and abroad under their loans and free scholarship. Anyone who earns the education through these schemes is obliged to serve the government thereby the country for a period ascertained in accordance to the duration and the type of course done. And this government bond system is laid in accordance to the donors’ wish. It is seen in many developing nations that the educated people flees to the developed nation, a system of we-prepare and they-gain, so called “brain drain “.

Today there are many educated people serving the government and the country. Most of the educated crowd in employed in the government, but does not mean that their hands are not prominent in the private sector. A figure of little more than 80 percent of people with higher educational qualifications, serving in the government, are also playing an active role in the private sector. This guarantees that the educated people are serving the nation and is not applying the we-prepare and they-gain system as people like Dr. Waheed, etc.

In accordance to the qualifications, they should be given the ranking. So the people with doctorates are holding higher positions than that of lower level qualifications. It is simple logic. But the issue of placing them in the right job may have some variations. Our resources are very limited, so mostly people who are qualified in technical areas have rare opportunities to fit into their kind of work. But because of their educational level the chances are high for us to utilize them in a may be not the best, but an equal competent job where he could render a better service for the country.


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