Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Using the issue of asylum seeking for political leverage

Using the issue of asylum seeking for political leverage

Last year UK Home Office released figures that have shown a 32 percent fall in the number of people applying for asylum in Britain in the first three months of this year, down from 23,000 to 16,000. Government officials say that the UK has ''turned the corner'' in dealing with this ''problem'', and that Britain was now ''on track'' to meeting its target of halving the number of asylum seeking applicants by September.

The language and focus that is being shown to the destitute and desperate, who fear for their lives and flee their homes to seek shelter, is nothing short of tyranny. This is the ugly nature and face of Capitalist politics, where economic concerns are put before humanity altogether. One could make an analogy to the situation of asylum seekers, and describe ageing pensioners as a ''problem'', due to the drain on the economy that they create. Should Capitalist governments try and reduce this ''problem'' by speeding up the final days of their lives? This is an ugly but pertinent analogy, since asylum seekers didn't choose to flee their homes any more than pensioners decided to get old. Both pensioners and asylum seekers are a fact of the current reality; people are living longer, and oppressive regimes exist (incidentally installed by the West). Read More


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