Thursday, October 28, 2004

.::The Truth ::.

.::The Truth ::.: "You will never realize the beauty of something unless you loose it!

To the Editor
Who I am is irrelevant. But my father once used to tell me that if you want someone to listen to your conversation, then you must first make the person to understand who you are and let that person feel that you are being really open with that person. With that opinion in mind, I have decided to first give a brief introduction to who I am. I am a Japanese person, who visited the Maldives a lot of times, since my childhood days. I had been to Maldives a long time ago, and even quite recently as well. In exception to these two trips to the Maldives , I have been to Maldives a lot of times on various occasions including me and my wife's Honeymoon. Sorry for beating around the bushes, but I found that telling these stories is really helpful to what I am about to tell.
I can remember when I first visited the Maldives ! I can even remember the moment when I first sat foot on its Land. It was a time of glory and happiness. At that time Maldives was not a very developed country, but still it was a paradise for all who visited. The Maldivian people were so friendly. The gesture they provided us was outstanding. At that time even, the Maldivian people had the gift of making unique and beautiful handicrafts. It was my first visit to Maldives but not the last. Soon after we left the Maldives , I got the opportunity to come again, which I gladly accepted. But it was a few years after out first visit.
At the second time I sat foot in the Maldives , I was shocked! Shocked to see such a small, country developed at a really vast scale. Every thing from the people's clothing, households and even the transportation was so much developed. At first I thought it was a dream, but later I found out that it was real. This was the trip "


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