Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Special Majlis continues first sitting

Special Majlis continues first sitting
The People’s Special Majlis met yesterday. Yesterday’s sitting was a resumption of the first sitting of the Special Majlis that was suspended on 19 July 2004 after 23 members walked out following differences of opinion as to how the President of the Special Majlis may be elected.

23 members participated in the debate that ran for the large part of yesterday’s sitting. The Members of the House entrusted with constitutional review continued to be divided on how voting may be held in electing the President of the House. While some Members felt that the Constitution made it mandatory that the President be elected by secret ballot, others were of the opinion that the Constitution did not place such a mandatory requirement.

A proposal also emerged from within the debate that the House may put to vote if the President of the Special Majlis shall be elected by secret ballot of by an open show of hands.
The name of Abbas Ibrahim, one of the two Members representing South Huvadhu Atoll in the People’s Majlis was also proposed as a further candidate for the Presidency of Special Majlis.

After a 3 hour debate, the interim President of the House, Speaker of the People’s Majlis Ahmed Zahir adjourned the continuation of the debate to a further date. Shortly after the adjournment Majlis Secretariat made a statement that Thursday, 13th October has now been set for resuming the sitting.
A total of 98 Members attended yesterday’s part of the first sitting of the People’s Special Majlis.


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