Friday, October 22, 2004

Sappe caught between the Devil and the Fire: To drop or not to drop O’Shea?

So much has been written about Michael O’Shea joining DO lately with good reasons. I believe this was a case of things back firing for Sappe. No wonder Sappe might have thought that he would get tremendous response when he announced that O’Shea has joined his tack newspaper. Or may be this announcement was demanded by his Christian Financers who were irritated when Mr. Gogo announced that MDP do not endorse Christianity. What ever may be the case the readers, even DO die hard fans, saw it as an insult that this guy is playing any part in the DO publication. To add salt to injury was the outrageous articles he started bringing out. This was clearly evident form the comments they were getting in the open forum.

Sappe was left with some serious trouble shooting. He was quick to announce as an editorial notice that O’Shea had concerted to Islam and that his Muslim name is “Abdurrahman Abdulla”. Everyone knows that he converted in name to marry a Maldivian girl. If he has really been inclined towards Islam as he leads us to believe then why did he use his Christian name to introduce himself in DO whose main Clientele is Mulsims in Maldives. For that matter why is he retaining that name at all? For example do we hear anyone calling Yoosuf Islam, Cat Stevens any more?

Sappe’s announcement in the DO that he had converted fooled nobody. We are all aware of his Christian Missionary activities. DO says that O’Shea had specialized in “Maldives, Asian and Middle Eastern history and religion particularly Islam and widely traveled in this region” but what he was actually involved in missionary activities during this time. If he is such a qualified person as we are lead to believe what the hell was he doing in a Hithadhoo Southern secondary School as an English Teacher. According to DO these schools are substandard schools. If you had read the Jousha Project you would know this is exactly how these missionaries infiltrate in to religiously adherent Muslim societies.

This is a widely known fact and it would be futile for Sappe to refute this. He might as well admit that he made a mistake and drop O’Shea like a hot potato. But of course he cannot do this. If he does that how will he support his lavish life style in UK without his Christian financers?
I am glad you appointed him Sappe. This is the final seal on your pack of lies. By appointing him you have lost what ever credibility you managed to garnish even among your supporters. You have been exposed for what you are, selfish and ungrateful. Its time you pack up and call it a day. Take a break man. We need one too….


At October 27, 2004 at 1:55 AM, Blogger Shaz said...

How do you get so much time to write garbage? Wow, what a waste of time and talnet. You should now do something great and get the Darwin award.

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