Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Prepared for Psychological game "Until the victory, forever"

I was thinking about sports psychology when I watched David Backham fail with his penalty kick in the opening match of Euro 2004, England v. France. The thought that immediately irritated my mind was that he and Fabein Barthez were teammates at Manchester United for many years and they must have competed
against each other in practice on dozens, if not hundreds of occasions.

They must have talked about the art of dead-ball kicking, penalty taking etc. Barthez must have known all the styles of Backham’s thoughts when taking a penalty and, behold the opportunity comes along to test that theory. Barthez duly made a
superb save. I wondered why; if you believe in psychology and planning, Backham was made/allowed-call it what you will-to take that kick. It was surly a psychological mistake, magnified a thousand fold by the fact that it was saved.

But back to politics, we start assembling at Jumhooree Park in last August 12th night and stayed there peacefully until government police brutally disperse the crowd on the next day. This was the biggest demonstration ever held in the country, perhps the highest amount of young Maldivian participation against to the Government. It was magnificent when government starts responding to the crowds positively and from that point crowd is psychologically mistaken and did not prepared for the consequence and the result is the government taking control
of the crowed sending mob group into the peaceful demonstrators and making headlines "Black Friday.

There is a reason for everything. If we did something and fail to achieve the reason, then understandably we did something wrong or inefficiently. Therefore I must ask from the freedom activist arrange one more demonstration with psychologically prepared and planned and you can really make a difference and you will find the highest form of solidarity and loyalty among those who are alone and desperate.


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