Sunday, October 10, 2004


Nafaa Naseem and Unimaagey Adil have been released from dhoonidhoo prison last night. Nafaa Naseem is a well known person. He is also a share holder of Horizon Fisheries. Nafaa Naseem is also the member of special majilis of Laamu Atoll. Information received to the FACT that Mr. Burmaa Qasim sponsored the special majilis campaign of Naseem. Confirmed sources informed that Mr. Naseem did not make any payment to purchase the share of Horizon Fisheries. "It was a gift from Buruma" said one of Villa Fishing Staff.

Unimaagey Adil is the special majilis member of HDH. He is closely associated with Transport Minister, Hon. Ilyas Ibrahim and Buruma Qasim. Adil is a director of Transport Ministry. The FACT received information that Adil's campaign for special majilis was sponsored by both Qasim and Ilyas. Adil is also a relative of Health Minister Ms. Aneesa.

Our analysis suggests that the members of the special majilis, who were released, will be attending the special majilis meeting which is scheduled on 12 h of this month.

It is expected that all the members will be attending the meeting and that there will be a secret vote to elect the president of majilis. And who will be the president of the historic special majilis is a question of time!!!!!


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