Sunday, October 17, 2004

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is this Micheal O’Shea

by Mohamed Shafeeq

We are happy and enjoy the good times we are surpassing here. And all those said-to-be bitter-under-went weirdoes in Michael O’Shea’s report are too enjoying the good times we are enjoying, but hiding the facts.

Michael O’Shea who is some 1000s of km away is having an ache for the systems we are in meanwhile we enjoy it. From his binocular he sees our people being hanged up side down and treated inhumanly in every sphere of life. We are happy here and our jails are not full of canning and torturing as the report state. Why not Mr. Michael O’Shea checks with his binocular and turn it right.

For Michael O’Shea our nation is full of crippled men for they have all undergone torture and brutal canning in custody. The named victims of torture, but for Michael O’Shea the most pious men on earth, Abdulla Alexander, Ahmed Fairish, Hassan Rasheed and Shammi are all in good health. But anyone who has undergone such a torture described in their articles will not be able to stand on his feet. Is it the condition of these young men? They are fresh and doing more damage to the country. Yes, in there accounts there are no one wiser than them and looking through a bino, such that of Michael O’Shea, the view might be so. But a man who feels the country’s soil beneath his feet would know who they are and what wrong they do to our property and to our country.

Michael O’Shea leaves the blame on our President accusing him for giving direct orders and authorizing torture in jails. Does Michael O’Shea know our president and our people? Doesn’t he know we hate violence and it is not in us to ill treat other beings? It’s a proven fact that the environment you grow up influences on your thinking capacity. So in that regard the chances are high for Michael O’Shea to have his thinking in that angle for he grew up in a country where racism, discrimination and brutality to the Aborigines flourished.

Just because your Prime Minister left a fleet to Iraq to support the torturing exist there, do not be in mind that our president will do the same. It is our president who brought us out to the day light from the dark ages, it is he who taught us what life he and it is he who showed us the success we are achieving today. So a for a man so wise and so much love his people the doubt of ill treating never arises.


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