Thursday, October 28, 2004

MDP, Get Your Act Together First

We reported earlier in the Maldivian that there has been serious drift between Sappe and GO GO recently. This has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt.

Ever since Go Go announced himself to be the self proclaimed president of the MDP Sappe has been grumbling about it. It is no doubt that Sappe had wanted the Presidency but had to settle to be the editor of a tacky internet newspaper. In fact Sappe had gone to the length of garnishing support for his presidency with the MDP crowd. Anni is supposed to have made an un easy peace between them. This explains Anni's frequent trips to and fro between UK and Lanka.

The final blow came when Go Go refuted the Christians in the interview he gave and sappe experienced a serious financial crunch because his financiers backed down. Ever since, GoGo has never been considered to be in their league.

Sappe had to do some serious damage control then. Infact for the first time he had to admit that he supports multi-religious community in Maldives . No wonder Sappe is not pleased with GoGo for that.

Infact a lot of very prominent figures in the party are very angry at GoGo for calling outright boycott of Tourism in the Maldives . This finally exposed the selfish nature of their party when their self proclaimed president called for the boycott of the bread of the poor Maldives . Many of them believed that this call was very premature. Mr Luthfee of Sandhan fan refuted this in his interview to the Tribune de Geneve when he stated that he does not believe in Tourism Boycott. This shows that there is a lot of discontent and disagreement within their party.

Ever since that, Go Go has not been allowed to do the one thing he likes most. To go out in front of the camera, give interviews and bask in the lime light. That was because he was getting too much prominence and was increasingly being accepted as the leader in MDP much to the discontent of Sappe. Lots of MDP leaders were beginning to get threatened by Go Go's stature in the party.

Close aides say that it is this sudden step brotherly treatment from the MDP leadership which has led to much stress and resulted in his heart attack. DO did not feel it important enough to brief its readers on the health condition of MDP's self proclaimed president. Maybe its editor Sappe did not feel Go Go to be important enough to get a mention in his paper. Adding insult to injury The Maldivian carried a full article about his health with a prayer for his speedy recovery.
When unlikely partners become bedfellows in order to achieve a common target which only one of them can have this is bound to happen. After all only one of them can become the President. The MDP would do well to decide before hand who their President is going to be. All we have now is a highly unpopular self proclaimed President who is despised by his very party members.
Now, I wonder if the MDP leadership cannot bring their own small party in order how are they going to run a country. They should get their act together first. If the President Maumoon were to step down now for some reason, Maldives would be in a state worse then the post war Irag with the whole MDP leadership fighting to be the president. Come to think of it Go Go already fits the part of Chalabi, betrayed by his own people even before the war is over.


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