Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Maldives grants ICRC access to detainees

6-10-2004 Press Release 04/56

Geneva/New Delhi (ICRC) - On the 5th of October the ICRC and the government of the Maldives signed a memorandum of understanding granting the ICRC access to all persons arrested and detained in the country. The memorandum was signed after the ICRC had offered its services to the Maldivian authorities.Under the terms of the memorandum, the ICRC will begin visiting detainees shortly.The purpose of ICRC visits is to monitor the conditions of detention and treatment of detainees with the aim of ensuring respect for their physical and psychological integrity and, if necessary, to help restore contact between detainees and their families. The ICRC's findings and reports are submitted only to the authorities concerned.ICRC visits are conducted in accordance with a set of standard procedures, including private interviews with detainees of the ICRC's choice, repeated visits and the registration of detainees. In 2003 ICRC delegates visited close to 470,000 people held in over 1,900 places of detention in some 80 countries around the world.


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