Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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19 October 2004

Alex Wood

At 4pm on Friday 22nd October 75 volunteers will be
released from the cells of the Manchester police museum in an attempt to get as far away

from Manchester as possible!

It isn’t a gang of escaped convicts, but an event
organised by the charity ‘Kidscan’ in order to raise
money for their worthwhile cause of curing cancer in
children. The rules of the event are simple - get as far away
from Manchester as possible, however there is a catch.
You may not use any of your own money, or your friends’ or family’s money, you can’t use your own transport or your mates’ transport! You have only your own charm and blagging skills to go on. If you are
thinking you’d probably only get as far away as Bolton you’d be wrong; previous volunteers have travelled as far away as Tokyo and the Maldives.

On Saturday October 23rd at 10pm all participants must
contact the charity base in Manchester to let them
know their whereabouts, whoever is furthest away is
the winner!

Although the charity event is light-hearted and a lot
of fun for participants, (If you end up in the Maldives you might not want to come back!) the cause is extremely beneficial. Kidscan aims to: “develop new and improved treatments to cure all children with cancer’.

To some this may seem like an
unrealistic aim, however the charity that works closely with The University of Salford have discovered a new substance that kills the blood vessels inside cancers.

A spokesperson for Kidscan said:“This represents a new and potentially exciting development in the search for better cancer treatments”. The
substance that is used to fight cancers is an extract of a Chinese herb related to common garden mint.
Whereas conventional cancer treatments target the cancer cells themselves, this new substance is designed to destroy blood vessels within the cancer cells.

Kidscan is a small charity and the money raised from this event will be extremely helpful for them. There are still 50 places up for grabs in the ‘jailbreak’ event, if you want to get involved then contact
Manchester Rag office in the union building.

For more information
go to www.kidscan.org.uk


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