Thursday, October 07, 2004

It Looks like you are trying to run a country!

I regrettably should say that, I have doubts about MDP's political maturity and about their willingness and ability to lead Maldives.

MDP is a party born out of hatred and frustration, and their functioning and working methods reminds me, that of a mentally retarded. They do not have any policies, what so ever, of how would they lead Maldives and virtually have no answer, if not any idea about critical questions like "How will MDP provide employment?", "How will MDP provide a national health care plan?" or "How will MDP establish a drug-free Maldives?”

Being a politician is not an easy task, as after all it is not only cunningness and shrewdness, but it meant that they are leaders or potential leaders. We expect a greater deal of diplomacy, moral and ethical values from them, which we may call leadership qualities. To be a good politician, you must put a great effort and time to your cause, and a "part time politician" who spends all day in his private business office, weekends in his resorts and only attends a couple of "reform debates" during the later part of the evening, is surely not a dedicated politician. Therefore my first question is “Do MDP members portray these values, qualities and dedication?” Read More


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