Wednesday, October 13, 2004


by Shrek 2
Maldivian independence is what the Maldivian value most. Second comes in the same line the development and the democracy. Independence, development and democracy are all easy to say but cost a long way to achieve. But stage by stage we are achievingall these in favor of us in a stunning pace that most of the countries have never imagined.

We fought many battles against many intruders for our independence at various times in the history. With the great successes we achieved in the battles for freedom today we stand as an independent and free, non-aligned state.

With the independence of us from the British in 1968, we took a sharp turn to develop the nation in an escalating pace. The journey which we started in the early 1970s has given immense results today. We, only about 320 thousand people are in top rungs in terms of development among South Asia’s 1.3 billion people.

Every democracy is unique and the kind adopted varies with the customs, traditions and beliefs of the people. So is our democracy. But as every democracy has room for improvement we too are making it more democratic everyday.

If we are to adopt the democracy in the developed nations, in a friction of a second, imagine how worst things will go. The democracy which is flourishing in the developed world is not something they achieved in nick of time. Our independence is only 39 years and compare our place with theirs in their 39th year of independence. Sappe’ who spent most of his life out of the
country in the western world, has known their present day societies and is in thought that what he sees now was the state it was 50 years ago. Sappe’ is so ignorant that he is betraying the country which spent our money on his education.

Our democracy is not yet full fledged, but all efforts are being made to make it better. But it is Sappe’ who he is soliciting in the name of democracy who is violating our rights to become more democratic while hampering our freedom and development by diluting the beautiful image our hard work has bloomed to us.

We are Muslims and we remain steadfast in our faith. Even constitutionally there is no room for any other religion in this country. This is where Sappe’ is hitting us. But for Sappe’ and his followers we say, if you want to convert to any other religion do please vacate the country and live happily in a society where that particular religion is accepted. We cannot allow it here, for our society is small, and the minutest religious conflicts will bring total disruption to the country. Take examples from what is happening all over the world. Imagine how many countries are having internal problems due to religious conflicts. May be that’s what the said-to-be patriotic Sappe’ wants, but we will fight against it at any cost.

If Sappe’ could name anybody who was arrested for listening to Minivan radio and following the Divehi Observer, he is under hallucination. But anybody who has gone through these two would know that it is of no value to us, but of full of worthless worldly gains to violate the peace and harmony in the country.

Should anything done in this country be in favour of the minority’s desire or the majority’s desire? Sappe’ is a single man or his followers are few, so is it there needs that has to be fulfilled or ours? Whatever it comes to Sappe’s mind he hysterically utter it for he thinks he can alter the minds of the world over.

Sappe’ is spreading rumors that no evil person than our president ever ruled anywhere, and he has to be not only removed from his post but locked up for life. But who is he to decide the future of our country and our president? Has Sappe’ done anything for his country other than diluting the image we took many years to build and trying to hamper our development? We
Maldivians stand steadfast in the leadership of our present president and praise him for the achievements he has won for this country and are with him in the run to build a strong democracy here.

The article written by Mr. VS Sambandan about the Maldives in
the Indian National Magazine, Frontline’s issue of 25 September 2004 indicates
very clearly what we Maldivians want for Maldives “the people of the country
needs changed system with the incumbent president.”


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