Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Gogo Latheef admitted in Sri Lanka Apollo Hospital due to heart attack!

Fact Maldives has received confirmed reports that Gogo Latheef had been admitted in Sri Lanka Apollo Hospital due to a

heart attack. He is now admitted in the ICU of the Apollo Hospital of Sri Lanka and is now under treatment. Fact Maldives also received information that he was last seen entering his house at 1900hrs.

According to various information
gathered, the cause for the Heart Attack was due to the difficulty of money problems that Gogo Latheef has been recently facing, the death of Mariyam Najeeb who is a close relative of Gogo Latheef's wife, who died on the this month (17 th October 2004). Fact also received information that Gogo Latheef had been sick from 12 th August due to the arresting of most of his relatives who were involved in the acts of the Black Friday.

Most importantly, Fact Maldives has also received information that the cause of the heart attack was also due to excessive usage of Alcohol and that Gogo Latheef is currently having some kidney problems as well! We will find more about this matter and notify as soon as possible.


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