Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Gasim Squeals on 12 MPs

Buruma Gasim, a man who claimed that the Government could not imprison him and was willing to spend millions of Rufiyaa to help people so that they would oppose his imprisonment, was the first person to spill the beans to the Police.

He has confirmed in a signed statement that at least 12 Members of the People's Special Majlis had practically bought seats with his money and that these include payments made to various parties including the loan that he borrowed from the Bank of Maldives to this effect.

It is also known that at least two other Special Majlis Members have corroborated Gasim's story and have turned State witness. Gasim himself has been implicated in conspiracy to overthrow the Government and conspiracy to incite violent acts should he be arrested by the authorities.

It is believed that the Attorney General is preparing charges of election fraud against these 12 Members of the Special Majlis, but informed sources say that he is unlike to press charges against the two Special Majlis Members who corroborated Gasim's story. It is also believed that the charge sheets against the remaining 10 Special Majlis Members will be filed with the Courts before the end of work tomorrow.

Corrupt financing for elections is a scandalous matter that had bedeviled many legislatures. In India, votes in Parliament are by Law required to be open and by show of hands as a measure to deter selling of votes and buying of seats. It is also known that allegations of corrupt electoral practices are strongly condemned in all reports of Commonwealth Elections Monitors.


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