Thursday, October 07, 2004

Blair says 9th June reform proposals will be fitting culmination of Gayoom’s leadership

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that the reform proposals that President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom had announced on 9th June were wide-ranging and comprehensive, and that they would be a fitting culmination of his leadership, the President’s Office said Wednesday.

Blair made the statement in his reply to Gayoom’s letter of 22nd August, in which he had briefed the British government on recent political developments in the Maldives. The letter was delivered to the British government by the President’s Special Envoy, Ambassador Hassan Sobir, during his visit to the UK last month.

Blair noted that the Maldives had enjoyed stability, increasing prosperity and impressive development during Gayoom’s tenure. He said that he was encouraged to hear from Gayoom that recent events in the Maldives had not swayed his commitment to the reform process.


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