Thursday, October 21, 2004

Be fair, Reveal the truth

If someone is to talk about natural wonders and its unique enchanting sceneries, any Maldivian can brace up to the conversation. But in it we have no absolute advantage over any other country for they too have its own unique natural wonders. So when it comes to trade the unique natural beauty, we have no absolute advantage over the others. But the secret of our success in the tourism sector is purely the integrated effect of the peace and harmony in the country with the natural wonders we have. It’s an effect most of the other
countries lack.

So if anyone is to hinder our development in the tourism sector it is that they have to break the integrity of the Maldivians, by bringing in racial, social and religious problems. If any of these problems are to flame in the country there won’t be any peace any more here or anywhere.

In the past, many has attempted to disrepute our beloved nation and Insha Allah at all times they have failed. Present day we are once again under such an influence. Few Maldivian joined with some Sri Lankan and some British are on the run to disrepute the country. And this got-to-be brotherly Maldivians who are so worried about the country’s success, have they up-to-date done any good deed for the country? Open up there biography, they have never been anything other than a burden to the country. The present day attempt to disrepute the country has given some effect. The UK branch of the Members of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA-UK) was here two days back to review the political situation in the country. Unlike the previous mission by EU members they commended on what we have achieved in this short
period of time. Visiting members also noted that, during their visit, they had met with some members of the Cabinet and the People’s Majlis and a number of senior Government officials, who they said were of a very high caliber and committed to national progress. They also spoke on the importance of the President’s 9th June reform agenda, and noted the President’s commitment to implementing the agenda, in spite of attempts to derail the constitutional
reform process.When such teams from such organizations step their foot on our soil, it automatically sends a warning message to the entire world, but in our case a warning not true. We have no problem of such in the country for teams of such nature to be here. But as they are going to be here we are with them with our fullest cooperation.

It is our word of concern to any such organization, please; the minutest of damage done to the image of this country will bring immense serration to the economy and thereby to its people. So don’t be bias, be fair, reveal the fact N truth to the world…


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