Thursday, October 07, 2004

Are We To Be Ruled By Whacko And Psychos?

by Santa

Have we come to this stage that we are submitting our selves to be ruled by whacko? Is our government that bad that we would rather hand the helm of the country to a few psychos?

Let us consider some of the people in question? The much applauded Sappe is a sick person with a sadistic mind. One have to see how used to beat his wife before fleeing away to Britain. Who else but a sick sadist will resort to these activities like wife beating in this modern age? He is also known to be having a drinking problem.

Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra) is a known psychiatric case. He is under regular treatment under a psychiatrist for a variety of illness including panic disorders and chronic depression. Reliable sources tell us that while in jail he has been reviewed by a psychiatrist several times. Do we expect him to lead us and play a constructive part in our development? Read More


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