Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Are We To Be Ruled By Whacko And Psychos?

Are We To Be Ruled By Whacko And Psychos?
by Santa http://www.themaldivian.org/

Have we come to this stage that we are submitting our selves to be ruled by whacko? Is our government that bad that we would rather hand the helm of the country to a few psychos?

Let us consider some of the people in question? The much applauded Sappe is a sick person with a sadistic mind. One have to see how used to beat his wife before fleeing away to Britain. Who else but a sick sadist will resort to these activities like wife beating in this modern age? He is also known to be having a drinking problem.

Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra) is a known psychiatric case. He is under regular treatment under a psychiatrist for a variety of illness including panic disorders and chronic depression. Reliable sources tell us that while in jail he has been reviewed by a psychiatrist several times. Do we expect him to lead us and play a constructive part in our development?

Mr Gogo Latheef is suffering form a psychiatric condition called “illusion of grandeur”. Among other things he proclaimed himself to be the president of a party him and a few friends put together in a run down house in neighboring Sri Lanka and trying to project that as a significant political party.

Jeniffer Latheef is acutely paranoid. She thinks that half the world is after her sex. Thus we keep on hearing stories of sexual abuse always related to Jeniifer. I leave it to the readers to ponder why we don’t hear stories of sex abuse related to any other female who have been jailed. Why is it always Jennifer Latheef when it comes to sex abuse?

Nasheed (Anni) is suffering from a psychiatric condition called Kleptomania. Medical dictionaries describe kleptomania “as a pathologically strong desire to steal, often in the absence of any strong desire for the stolen object and is sometimes associated with depression”. How else will you explain his petty thefts form Velaanaage. The government should never have prosecuted him for that crime but instead should have given him compulsory psychiatric treatment. Too bad our laws do not allow it. Above all, should we trust a man like this with our national treasury?

Our very near and dear famous Buruma was hospitalized with stressed induced ischemia. He could not take the stress it seems and went to acute depression and had to be reviewed by a psychiatrist in hospital.

The jail in Dhoonodhoo had been maintained for decades. So has been the jail in Maafushi. But sources tell me that there have never been so much psychiatric problems in those jails before. This is happening at a time when they are given the best of conditions under close observation of our very “unbiased and fair” human rights commission. Can you believe that some like Buruma are living in their own air-conditioned rooms in jail? We see these types of privileges given only in films when gangsters with the caliber of Al Capone are jailed. Even under these conditions I am told that some of them are trying to blackmail the authorities with attempts of suicide.

I am told that there is a psychiatric condition called “inability to cope with stress”. If this, so called pro-democracy, crowd are not able to take this much stress I wonder what they will do at the helm of this country. Perhaps they don’t fathom what it is like to run a country. They just see the president’s place and the launch. They don’t see beyond that, the type of work involved and the type of schedule that has to be maintained to run a country. Can Sappe do this drunk?

In spite of these I would not like to discriminate them on the basis of their sick minds. They should be given an equal and fair opportunity even if they wanted to run for public office. But I call on the Government to seriously get them reviewed and treated by a psychiatrist while in custody. And I call on the individuals to accept that they have serious psychiatric issues and that they should get themselves treated at the earliest.



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