Friday, October 08, 2004

Ali Abdulla Released

Ali Abdulla Released
received that Mr. Ali Abdulla of H.Omadhoo has been released. Ali Abdulla is the father of Lailaa Ali, who is married with Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) Ali Abdulla has been a failure of his life. He was in the government for a long time. His recent job was the managing director of Maldives Ports Authority. Ali Abdulla was involved in a theft case during Ibrahim Nasir's presidency. Ali Abdulla is believed one of the masterminds of August 12/13 incident. Unconfirmed reports suggests that he has been financially supporting MDP. His vision is Sikka family to rule the government. Ali Abdulla is believed to be having financial problems
within his family. The famous ALIA has been split now and Ali Abdulla has
nothing but peanuts. His brothers Abbas and Ilyas are brave than him and they
are heading the ALIA business now.


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