Sunday, November 28, 2004

DO's Editor-in-chief, Sappe is going NUTS!

Moosa Ibrahim
Sappe are you going NUTS? Please read YOUR article on Dhivehi Observer “Gayoom lies to the people and goes shopping in Amman” and you will find out that Mr Gayoom in fact on an official trip to Amman. Boy oh boy! DO's Editor-in-chief is cracking big time.

“According to Petra, the official Jordanian News Agency, Ma'moun Abdul Qayyoum arrived Friday afternoon in Amman in a few-day OFFICIAL VISIT in which he will meet with His Majesty King Abdullah II. It also said President Abdul Qayyoum is expected to take part in an Islamic conference which is organized by Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs” [source: DO, 27 Nov 2004] Do you know what you are writing?

Sappe, you thick head! It is not necessary that the King or the Crown Prince to be at the airport to receive President Gayoom. When Tony Blair visited Jordan earlier this year, King Abdullah was not at the Airport to receive him. Why? If a King or a Queen visits Jordan he may be there to receive them. Got this into your thick rotten head?

You have mentioned that most political strategist and thinkers in Maldives believe that President Gayoom is trying to buy some cheap arms from Jordan as well a shopping for a holiday palace there. Please can you tell me who these people are? If you back an argument it must be from a credible source. Sappe, don't make things up. It will be better if you write the facts rather than just writing loads of shit. You dumb idiot write articles which make sense.

So you have alerted all news agencies in Jordan and Al Jazeera about Gayoom's propaganda. You think the readers will be convinced? Bullshit! Inside information from DO states that you just made this up and you have done nothing to contact the news agencies you mentioned.
The best part is that none of the news agencies you mentioned have received information from you. Dude don't try to be smart when you don't have the capacity. Your "mojo" is too small for these tasks!

Mariyam Mohamed is currently in Jordan following the trail. Who is this Mariyam Mohamed? Again inside information from DO reveals that Mariyam Mohamed is in fact Sappe, the Editor-in-Chief. This is the Joke of the Millennium. Sappe uses alias “Mariyam Mohamed” and other names to portray that he got people working for him. The true fact is Sappe is loosing hope because no one is contributing much to DO. Sappe might soon end up in a Mental Hospital in Britian at the expense of British tax payers. Soon, Sappe will be a Crack Head.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

MDP attempts to “choke” us to death by cutting down our “air-supply”


Maldives is a nation well known for many people around the world as a destination for holidays. It is the one of a kind country which has the privilege of being an independent, prospering nation which has religious unity.

It has been well known to everyone, that Maldives has always been a peaceful country through out
history. But it is really sad to say that, there is a group of people working to destroy the peace and harmony of our nation. The main reasons to why tourists visit Maldives is not only because of its beauty, but also because of the friendliness of the Maldivian people towards them and because of the peacefulness of the Maldivian nation as a whole.

The Maldives has been progressing very rapidly in many fields, and it has become the fastest growing country in South-Asia. All thanks to our present government, we have managed to achieve a very high GDP and a very high standard of living. More and more schools had been built. More and more health facilities and better means of transportation has been produced. In short, there has been a rapid increase in the standard of living of the Maldives .

To get back to the main story! Maldives has always been a peace loving country. But because of the actions of a few people, the whole burden is falling on all of us. These few people, who are well known as Members of the Maldivian Democratic Party, who's hearts have been filled with the lust for Power and Money. These people are in desperate greed for it and we can see that they are willing to do any thing to gain Power and Money, even if it does cost all the Maldivians to loose their incomes, and suffer. Yes!... it is true that the MDP's next attempt is to shut down our air-supply, which would be our Tourism. Why on earth do they do it? It is real simple! They have been trying to deviate people that our government is not leading us to a better future! But, no body (except idiots) believed their fake stories. Because, they can see it with their very eyes that it is not so. The Maldives is developing more rapidly than no other country. Not through out South-Asia. And we can all see the progress that we have been making in the recent years. All that had been real fact for the Maldivians to understand. Which me
ans that MDP's plans have all been wasted.

Which is why, they have now decided to destroy our Tourism. They know it well that it will have adverse effects on the economy. But they never care, because they want power. No one who is in great faith to our nation would do such a horrible thing. No one except the MDP. They want to cut down our economy and blame it to our government, like they have always been trying to, but never succeeded.

They tried convincing Europeans into not going to Maldives for Holidays. They even tried to spread rumors through out the whole world. They tried spreading lies about our own nation through BBC. They tried creating Violence and Kayos in our own Home Land ! But still they never succeeded.

We call all the Maldivians, to awake and be more aware of the Dark Plans these MDP people are planning. We have faced with even a bigger threat which is the plans undertaken by the MDP people to destroy our tourism. But, they shall never succeed Insha Allah. Not if we held hands together and work together to nail these people, like we have always been.

Friday, November 26, 2004


by Firasha

MDP mouthpiece Dhivehi Observer has reproduced on its home page a Pakistani newspaper article on the cooperation between Maldives and Pakistan on anti-terrorism activities. What alerts one to the real motives of DO is the fact that such publicity to the good deeds of the government goes totally against the malicious editorial policies of the tabloid. We may never guess the diabolical plots that boil in DO's deviated mind, but this posting could very well be a warning to MDP's sleeper cells in the Maldives waiting for a signal to launch another round of terror coinciding with the elections to the Majlis, which they know they are going to lose, and which they are determined to disrupt. Using terrorism to achieve the unrealistic and ludicrous personal ambitions of its greedy leaders is nothing new for people who run the MDP.

In September 2003 they unleashed a holocaust of arson looting and mayhem to avenge the legal punishments and humiliation they have undergone for earlier crimes. The custodial deaths (admittedly a blot on the nation) they flaunted as an excuse was just that: an excuse.

Otherwise, how could they deface the democratic symbols of our nation such as the Majlis and high court? What had those emblems of our national pride to do with the custodial deaths, however unfortunate those deaths may be? The very birth of MDP is mired in petty personal problems of its members. GoGo Latheef had told a Sri Lankan friend that he wanted to pressurized the government of Maldives to release his daughter Jennifer, who he knew was guilty of terrorism related crimes.

This friend advised him that launching a party was the best way, as it would help to get some respectability to the agitation and avoid deportation. Sappe and Anni who were fugitives from justice at this point of time also thought it a good idea because they could get political asylum. It is a cruel irony of fate that the very MDP that GoGo developed as a bargaining chip to negotiate his daughter's release, has now turned into the proverbial mill stone around his neck, threatening to turn any minute into a hangman's noose around the ambitions of him and his daughter. But we are now deviating; let's get back to the topic.

During the second week of August this year the people of Male were terrified witnesses to some of the most frightening scenes ever in living memory. Bearded vandals shouting anti-democracy slogans and parading on the streets of Male, culminating in a stand-off with the police and unprecedented violence. The people of Male were mortally scared that they faced the end of centuries of carefully nurtured peace, and the beginning of an era of terrorism in the fashion of the frontier areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The people's fears were not unfounded. There is incontrovertible evidence that Fareed, the MDP mascot, and his cohorts had links with terrorist leaders in Indonesia, plotting to choose soft target targets like Maldivian resorts for their unholy acts of violence. Fareed, who claims to be a Sheikh, is actually a mercenary on sale to the highest bidder.

His classmates in Qatar derisivley recall how he attended western music classes, where he underwent voice training -the secret of his oratorial ability.

In the evenings he enjoyed porn films in his dormitory with a smuggled VCR he kept in his locker. After returning to Male, for a time he went around copying Shahrukh Khan to attract girls. But soon he met the agents of foreign terrorist groups in the Maldives, and this transformed his life for ever. In a makeover that would even impress his matinee idol Shahrukh, playboy Fareed became Sheikh Fareed overnight -only the beard took a couple of months of to grow.

Considering what we know of the activities of MDP related terrorist groups, we cannot discount the possibility that they may have already imported gadgets for their nefarious activities. This can be the reason why MDP is so agitated about the cooperation between Maldives and Pakistan in counter terrorism.

They know that Pakistan has the know-how to detect and counter their terrorism and if they transfer this know-how to Maldives, then MDP is finished for ever.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Maldivian


by Shrek
The constitution of Maldives yet does not have any room for any opposition party. MDP may call itself as the Maldivian opposition party, but refer to line one. The constitution is under amendment and hopefully provisions for opposition parties will be made. Lets be patient for sometime till our constitution permits it.

Our lives are calm and we love peace. We teach our children to respect humanity and give assistance to the poor and weak. Such is our beliefs and norms. But MDP and its website have come as a curse attacking our devotions. The base of their website is to disharmonize our peaceful lives with filthy language and misleading information which carries no weight. The efforts we laid for many centuries to improve our children's devotion in humanity is being diluted by agencies like MDP. Since MDP's inception, more than any good, what it has accumulated is a disheartened Maldivian population.

If this is the attitude of a group of Maldivians residing abroad, no negotiations ever should be made with them. Instead they should be branded terrorists and begin their hunt. How are the Indians trying to hunt the terrorists in Kashmir, the Sri Lankans its Tamil rebels, the interim Iraqi government its terrorists based in Fallujah, for no people, no government, could ever take such mucks as their people and no country could stand to let loose such hooligans.

MDP has terrorized our lives by spreading misleading information, associating with agencies working against Maldives , making efforts to stab our economic development and by making efforts to craft violence in the country. Can they be named anything, but terrorists? Is a terrorist better loose or behind bars? The government has been too lenient on these people. We the citizens of this beloved nation, deman"

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Maldivian


by Shiyam

It is always good to fight for a good cause, but to spend time and money on bogus desires is foolishness. It is always good to have an opposition for more idea generation and to implement control measures. Calling yourself as opposition neither generated ideas nor implemented control measures, but laid a gloomy atmosphere for our development, is what MDP has propagated.

Maldivians have come to know what MDP is up to, not for a better Maldives , but power. After all MDP and its website DO is not getting any support for what they are proliferating. Instead of running after a pointless cause why not do something constructive to the nation?

MDP should now be sure of what Maldivians think of them, for we have never given a concern for all the illegal activities they are calling for. Next is to understand what the Brits think about them. Brits are nobody's friend. Though they run on the same line with the Americans on the international politics they hate Americans too. Look at most of the countries they colonized, internal conflicts are their prime issue. Such is the style of Brits, do MDP expect more?

“A Christian can never be a good friend of a Muslim” Koran is evident to this. So why you the earth beings are trying to prove it wrong when it will never be. Still time is young, MDP give-up your bonus desires and come home to invest your knowledge for the development of the country.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Register As A Fageeru, Get Some Easy Money, Newest Scheme In Town

by Mujuthaba

The issue of “fageerun” or the poor people has been a much talked about subject in this country. This talk comes with a new frenzy specially during the time of Ramadan. Most of the ward chiefs in the Male' claim that the numbers of poor people registered this year is less than last year. But these numbers has to be digested with a pinch of salt as they are only absolute numbers. This does not take in to consideration the increase in population in Male' during the last year. Neither does it take into consideration that many people could not register themselves as poor people as they did not have the necessary identification to do that. It's become fashionable to demand ID cards in Male'. For instance you even need an ID card to go to rummage through the garbage in Male'. So this is one city where you are expected to be poor in style.

Jokes apart, the issue of these poor people is something the Government should have tackled long ago. For instance is there a criteria, where by you are proclaimed or judged as a poor person, like a minimum per capita? Where there is no income tax and book keeping is not required by the law this is going to be a challenge.

But it's high time that Government tried to categorize the income levels so that we could properly identify the poor people and really give them the help they deserve. For right now, anyone who is shameless enough to say that he is poor and deserves the donation is entitled it. The government has no ways of cross checking the system. Theoretically I could fool the Government in to believing that I am a poor person and could use this money to buy, say, drugs very easily.

The Government also has very loose guidelines to guide whether somebody is a poor person. For example anybody who has a big debt or loan could fall under this category. This could mean even Buruma Qasim with all his money could still quote all his unpaid loans and proclaim himself to be a poor person.

Last yeah Maldives saw 67,478.00 people registered as poor people. This constitute almost one fourth of the population. Out of this 10,100.00 were form Male' only. However the ward offices estimate that eight thousand out of the seventy thousand living in Male' will register themselves as poor people this year. Is this figure really acceptable when we consider our living standards and the living standards of those around us? Why, we even have more mobile phones then that.
If it is impossible for us to believe that every fourth person you see in Maldives is a registered poor “fageeru” or every seventh person you see in Male' has registered himself as a poor person then there must be something wrong with the way we categorize the poor people. Of course being poor is not an absolute thing. A poor man in Sweden might be considered well off in Maldives . That is why it is all the more important that Maldives evolve a practical efficient plan to categorize the poor.

We give donations on the occasion of the Ramadan prayers and the Eid that follows with a very noble objective. That it should benefit the very poor and deserving. But if the Government has not evolve a proper organization to oversee that the deserving get this benefit, then soon, the common man will loose interest in this. It is upon the government to educate the mass and to discourage the misuse of this very holy pillar of Islam.

Friday, November 19, 2004

The Maldivian Mandate: Its time for Sappe and Crowd to back down

The Maldivian: "The Maldivian Mandate: Its time for Sappe and Crowd to back down
by Rasheed
Ever since its conception the DO has operated on the assumption that Maldivians are innocent gullible people who could be molded like putty in their hand. They have fed us lies after lies to fool us. Similar to a medicine tablet whose bitter inside is covered by a colorful sweet coating their articles are outrageous lies laced with just enough truth to make it palatable to the average Maldivian.
Perhaps we Maldivian are really na�ve because DO has never bothered to make this fact a secret and still a few of us got fooled by their propaganda. Their philosophy is very well outlined in their website which says in bold letters � Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit atrocities �.
The last few months they have been testing out this philosophy. Sure enough they managed to draw out a significant crowd in August although most of them were onlookers. Encouraged by this they moved into deeper territory. But fortunately for Maldivians they were left with egg on their face. The DO's repeated call for demonstration in the Tripod Square fell on deaf ears. Mr. GoGo Latheef's call for a Tourism boycott was not heeded by the international community. Failing this, they tried to organize a demonstration in London through Friends of Maldives for which less then a dozen Maldives attended. Their plan to disrupt the Eid celebrations in Colombo was received with no better success.
The Maldivian community world wide has spoken. They have given their decision in very clear terms. They have not left anything for doubt. The Maldivians are all united behind their Government. We are not going to let these dissidents disturb the harmony and peace that exist within us. The message is very clear. It is time for Sappe and crowd to fold their game and back down. "

The Lies Wear Thin! MDP will never win an election!

We have always said that MDP were always opposed to democracy. Why do we say that? The reasons are many, but the following stand out.
1) The fundamental reason is that MDP is owned, funded and directed primarily by the mass murderer Sikka, who was convicted on 25 counts of murder all carried out in a single day, on 3rd November 1988.

2) The other major reason is that their leadership comprise filthy rich people who want to make sure that their ill-gotten wealth is not lost-eg: Gasim's resorts which are creaking under his huge debt burden; and the notorious case of Villingili.

2) The most presentable face these guys have is Gogo Latheef, because he had won a seat in a small constituency that his resort money bought up in 1989. But in 1990, he lost his seat after conviction for ordering a hit on a fellow MP, Mr Ibrahim Shareef, and for advocating torture on Ameel Jaleel, Abdul Sattar Ali and Abdul Wahid.

Writing under the pseudonym "Uthuru Thari", Gogo called for violent acts of torture to be performed on these people who were arrested by President Gayyoom under the suspicion of embezzling public funds.

The two people who carried out the hit on Ibrahhim Shareef, MP were paid by Gogo Latheef out of funds he earned out of Rannali Resort. They attacked Shareef as he was walking home from the Mosque, breaking two ribs. The men arrested for this bloody deed were Makun Falah and Ilyas Husain Ibrahim.

3) Sappe has now said that even if elections were monitored by the EU, MDP will reject elections. Lets face it. MDP will never get to office through the ballot box. That's why the bullet is so close to them.

4) Sappe keeps posting fabricated pictures of a peaceful rally on 13th August. In truth, he has admitted to sending Fareed and his band of terrorists into the Maidan. So what are people like Zaki, Munavvar, Qasim and Ibra doing in the company of fundamentalists terrorists outside the police headquarters? Surely, these are not the acts of people who are likely to win a general elect ion.

5) Without rigging and intimidation and false voting, MDP goons will never win an election. MDP have compiled lists of dead people. people living abroad, and bedridden and elderly, just so that they can fake those votes.

6) Sappe had given some names. Like him, all arc being paid by Qasim or are his employees.

7) When Sappe cries that there is no campaigning he has forgetten what his paymaster ADK Nashid has been doing all these months giving free medicare only to those from Dhaal Constituency; that Mohamed Shihab provides free postage to his supporters, that Gasim has bought of 7 seats with II filthy sums of money.

So if we are hearing Sappe right, MDP is admitting that previous elections were rigged. It is just that they will not win no matter who ho monitors elections. We just saw the extent of public support for MDP-some 20() drugs offenders, some 12 MPs who are so corrupt that they had bought their seats, and 7 persons in the UK and none in Colombo.